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The STE on the move stf 18 Atari are releasing an STE version of the luggable ST, Stacy, which is said to overcome the earlier edition's battery problems.
Stereo sound on the ST stf 8 Much is made of the Commodore Amiga and its stereo sound capabilities. The new STE provides stereo sound
ST Transputer available by the end of the year stf 24 Atari have confirmed that they have a team of technical bods based in a Cambridge think-tank working on what Atari's boss Bob Gleadow calls "a cost-reduced version" of the ATW transputer workstation.
ST dominates MIDI Music Fair stf 24 The ST proved its domination of the computer music market at the 1991 MIDI Music Fair held at the Novatel, Hammersmith, in London.
STE breaks £300 barrier stf 24 Atari have slashed the price of the 520 STE by £50 to a remarkable £299
Golden Images ball-deficient mouse stf 18
Zak McKracken teams up with Indy (and Dad) stf 18 Two of the best graphic adventures of the past year, the Lucasfilm games Zak McKrachen and the Alien Mindbenders and Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, have been bundled together by US Gold
Atari plan more shows stf 18
Sound Investment stf 18 C-Labs Creator and Notator packages are the best MIDI sequencer programs you can buy
Buy your ST a PC - for under £100 stf 18 The ever-popular PC emulator PC Speed has just taken a massive price cut of nearly 50% to just £99
Sample the delights of ST sounds stf 18
Freestyle sounds come out stf 24 New from Zone Distribution is a MIDI improvisation packaged called Freestyle.
A falling Star stf 18 The Star LC24-10 printer has just received a mahor price cut, dropping from £343.85 to £297.85
A nice line in art stf 24 As DTP packages become increasingly sophisticated, so do the support programs for them
Unveiled: Super-fast Mega STE stf 18 Atari USA have unveiled the latest addition to the ST range of computers
The money program stf 10 Jewsbury Software have produced a share price analysis package and prtfolio manager.
Atari get their sums right stf 10 After a dreadful showing last year, Atari's profit margins have started to climb again.
Zoo's old gold drive stf 10 If you're considering investing in a new external disk drive and are tempted vy a bunch of games of varying vintage, Electronic Zoo's £100 bundle is just the job.
Kangaroo caught! stf 10 A new ST genlock with a superb technical specification has just been launched in Australia.
New games guide for ST stf 10 There are moe quality games available for the ST than any other home micro.
Atari show their hand at last stf 10 Details of attractions at Atari's forthcoming computer show have finally been announced
Mind your language stf 10 Educational software house Kosmos have released all of their popular educational titel for the ST.
CD-ROM drive set for ST? stf 10 Three years ago Atari unleashed a CD-ROM drive way ahead of its time in terms of quality and price
PC Power stf 2 PC Speed opens up the range of software that can be run on the PC
ST finds a new PAL stf 18 At last there's some video hardware for the ST! Syntronix - who've been producing genlocks and signal splitters for other, lesser computers for several years now - have just moved onto the ST.
Circuitous Designs stf 27 Expressworks, the company who have the dubious hnour of producing one of the most expensive packages for the ST (step forward, DynaCAD)…
Moriarty go bust stf 39 Moriarty Software, best known for their mono emulator, the Monulator, have ceased trading.
Alarming Times stf 39 Want to keep the new Falcon to yourself and not have it hauled off by some burglar?
New printers from Panasonic stf 39 Panasonic have added two mono narrow carriage printers to their Quiet Printer range - a 24 pin model, the KX-P2123M priced at £346.63 and a 9-pin machine, known as the KX-P2180M which costs £264.38
Spares and repairs from people who care stf 39 HCS Computer Peripheral Supplies have recently launched HCS engineering for repairs, servicing and upgrades to home computers
PD Library Closes stf 39 The South West Software Library is to close because Martin Dryden, the owner, is fed up with the legal aggravation that has been caused by an investigation into the allegedly copyright material used in some PD demos.
Falcon launched to the world stf 39 Atari launched their new computer, the Falcon this month.
UK2, Rest of the world 0 stf 27
Multi-tasking on ST a reality stf 27 ST owners needent be envious of TT owners getting multi-tasking TOS (see main story page 7), because a new program has been released…
Future goes Public stf 27 Future Publishing, the most successful publisher of specialist computer magazines in the UK and the company that bring you ST FORMAT every month, are to launch a new magazine aimed at buyers of Public Domain software
Accelerator board could make your ST run faster stf 27 Gadgets by Small, the company that produced the acclaimed Spectre GCR Macintosh emulator for the ST.
Light speed ST stf 24 Three American ways to speed up your ST right now
True colour digital retouching on the ST stf 27 Imagines this: you scan a photograph and a perfeect reproduction appears on your ST's monitor in exaclt the same colours as the original
Christmas cheer for the ST stf 8 As Gallup figures are published for the crucial Christmas period, it's clear that it was a very Yuletide indeed for ST software sales.
Atari reveal big plans for the ST stf 27 Atari's Managing Director Sam Tramiel has announced some revolutionary updates to the ST range of machines.
Atari monopolise on the High Street stf 25 For the first time in a while, Atari are happy with themselves.
Indiana Jones and the search for Monkey Island 2 stf 25 Lucasfilm, the software house responsible for the Indiana Jones graphic adventures and June's FORMAT Gold winning Monley Island, are busy again.
Make an IMPrint stf 25 Who thinks up these program names anyway?
Stereo sampling arrives on the ST stf 25 The same team that brought Stero Sound to the ST via the Monster Stero Cartridge have now produced a stereo sampler.
MIDI pinonees back on tracks stf 25 Hybrid Arts have the singular distinction of being the very first company to demonstrate MIDI music-making on a cimputer, way back in 1985
New imports from System Solutions stf 25 System Solutions are doing their bit to impair the balance of trade, with a bevy of new imports lined up
Super-Languages build on the BASICs stf 25 The three best selling BASIC programming language packages available for the ST are about to undergo major upgrades.
Need help with Finance? stf 24 If you're one of those people who actually fill in the stubs in their chequebooks, even after the third cheque, then this program should appeal to you
Duster-up at Realtime stf 24 If you're one of the loyal nad of long-time ST FORMAT readers, you may remember a preview in issue 15 of a game called Duster...
Stick with your ST stf 27 Launched at the Dusseldorf show this year were two novel uses for an ST, both linked to the massive interest in DTP in Germany.
STF Goes On-Line stf 41 Yes, that's right. The ST FORMAT BBS is now operating 24 hours a day
ST set to regain sales initiative stf 10 Following last months revelations about the fate of PowerPack, ST Format can now reveal the details of the new ST Discovery bundle
FAST scuppers Scottish pirates staf 4 FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft...
Low cost Laser Launch staf 4 Thinking of diving into DTP, but worried about the cost?
British music fair staf 3 Chris Jenkins battled his way through the maze at the Wembley conference center and reports on the 1988 British Music Fair.
AMI-EXPO 88 staf 3 A major event in the Amiga calendar took place in Chcargo between 22nd and 24th July
Enabling word processing staf 3 Arnor have released an updated version of their Protext word processor, v3.6, for the ST with several novel features.
Making a song and dance staf 3 STOS - the Games Creator is a new BASIC-like ST programming language, specifically designed for producing graphic action games with.
Price war leads to 16-Bt push staf 3 It now seems almost certain that the price of the basic 520ST will drop to £299 in the autumn, reestablishing its price diferential over the Amiga
ST User closes its doors stf 65 ST User, one of the founding magazines in the ST world has closed after 106 issues, having suffered a long but recently more rapid decline in sales.
Atari vs Sega stf 65 After a battle strongly reminiscent of the Jaguar's Alien is Predator, Atari recently made an extra $90 million at the expense of Sega.
Barbaric use for new software staf 4 The best advertisement for a new piece of programming software is to have someone write something really good using it.
Atari launch their “billion dollar baby” stf 49 The Jaguar, Atari's 64-bit home entrainment system, has been launched at the summer CES held in Chicago.
Atari launches Micro Micro staf 4 Keeping their heigh profile of product announcements in recent months, Atari have announced a tie up with Cambridge-based DIP Computers, whose pocket PC they will market worldwide.
New Super-STs on the way stf 25 Two new STs • CD ST • Secret Falcon super-computer project revealed
STE runs into trouble stf 7 STOS won't work!
Super ST Surprise staf 8 Atari's much rumoured Super ST - which has been making headlines more often than the Sunday Sport's WWII-Bomber-on-the-Moon stories - is closer to being reality after US-based Megabyte Computers' revelation that it is negotiating with Atari to supply its high-speed circuit boards.
Law promises piracy action stf 2 A new law intended to prevent ST software piracy has come into force amid conflicting claims about its scope and interpretation
Some like it Hotz stf 2 Professional and amateur musicians alike in America are buzzing with excitement after a device called Hotz Translator surfaced at a music show in the States
Norwegian Blue stf 2 Mastertronic have aquired the licence from the Monty Python team to produce a computer game
Scan and deliver stf 2 DaataScan Plus is an upgrade to Kempston's scanning package
Springs in Summer stf 2 US company Codehead is to have its entire product range distributed in this country by ISM.
Atari Soften Up stf 2 Atari are re-entering the software market with a range of games and applications for the 16-bit market
Fighting talk from Atari stf 2 Sam Tramiel's aim: 'To kill off Nintendo'
Atari expect to stay in the Red stf 59 Atari have reported big losses for last year’s operations, although they didn’t lose as much as they did the previous year.
K-Spread Attack staf 7
Atari hand-held shown at toy fair stf 8 Atari UK finally showed the Lynx hand-held games computer at the British Toy Fair in January.
Citizen gets set up stf 8 Printers can be a hazardous stumbling block for novice and experienced computer users alike.
Cyber Cuts stf 8 Electronic Distribution have announced price cuts accross the popular Cyber range of products
Xenon Crash stf 8 Portsmouth-based mail order company Xenon Technologies have crashed spectacularly, leaving 17-year old proprietor Stephen Lee floundering in a sea of debt.
STE Future Brightens stf 8 Following all the doom and gloom stories detailing the incompatibility problems of the STE, ST Format can reveal that all is not lost with Atari's latest baby
Page the Oracle stf 3 Microtext, creator of the Teletext receivers for the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC, has come up with a sytem enabling ST users to display and download Teletext frames on the Atari ST
Microdeal on show stf 3 Microdeal organised a recent press bash at the Novotel center in London to show off their latest line of products
Fast Worker stf 3 Turbo 16 from FAST Technology is the latest in a long list of accelerator boards to appear for the ST.
Fantastic Day stf 3 Many ST applications rely on screen and printer fonts for display and output.
Off your trolley stf 3 One lucky ST format reader will have the opportunity of filling a shopping trolley with software and hardware for the ST at the multi-format Computer Shopper Show in late November
Games Giants Spurn PC Show staf 4 This years PC show (formerly the PCW show) is scheduled to be the biggest and glitiest ever, yet many of the big names in games and leisure software have chosen to do their own things.
A Scanner in the Works staf 7
Dragon on a bit... stf 41 It is debatable whether or not we need another excursion into Dragon's Lair land, but Readysoft have gone and done it anyway.
Monitoring TV staf 7
First colour Digitiser staf 7 Workbench 1.3 shipping in US
Atari to publish Amiga software staf 7 Atari UK are planning a massive assult on the UK home software market in 1989 - not only for the ST, but titles for the Amiga are included in the plans.
Atari Show staf 7 The recent Atari show at Alexandra Palace proved to be a mixed bag of nuts
BBC Emulator at Commodore Show staf 7
Laptop ST - Almost staf 7 Question: when is a launch not a launch? Answer: when it's a laptop ST.
Amiga 68020 Launched staf 7 After al Atari's and Commodore's talk of 68020 and 68030 plans, Commodore are the first to deliver the goods with a saleable product; the Amiga 2500
The Wraps Come Off staf 7 Tony Dennis joined the 1700 companies and 110,000 visitors in Las Vagas, where Atari's and Commadore's plans for 1989 were revealed at Comdex.
A new Acquisition staf 4 Version 1.3 of Taurus Software's Acquisition database has now hit the streets.
Low-cost Amiga short-wave link staf 4 The Amigas high-res graphics are being put to more varied uses these days.
Super STs to star at PC show stf 3 Atari's ST compatible machines, launched at the Atari Messe in Dusseldorf in Germany, are to be displayed at the PC show.
Atari start UK tour stf 15 Atari are hitting the road with third party companies and touring Britain during October to promote their products
Fishy, very fishy stf 41 Be Warned. Cod knows, those fishy puns are going to be skating around with monotonous regularity over the next month or so.
Future's Sound move stf 7 The first piece of software to supprt the enhanced features of Atari's new STE has now been re;leased. The French-based Delphine Software have made use of the advanced sound capabilities of the STE in their latest adventure.
Upgrades for everyone stf 7 Owners of more recent STs, which have surface mounted Memory Management Units (MMUs), are experienceing problems upgrading
Stacy hits the street stf 7 After much clamouring, UK stores have received their first shipment of Atari's new prtable, the STACY laptop.
Mega: Vote of confidence stf 7 Atari have squashed rumours that they are about to cease production of the Mega range of STs by announcing they are to continue to sell the Mega - but at a reduced price
Atari dismiss Amiga sales clams stf 7 Warring rivals Atari and Commodore have broken into a fresh round of feuding after Atari alleged that the recent sale figures announced by Commodore are "grossly exaggerated".
ST goes to war stf 15 Forced to use a PC at work? Unable to bring your work home with you and work on your ST?
Format extras stf 15 In a month which sees ST SORMFAT's audited circulation grow by nearly 20% to 50,246 (just thought we'd mention that - you never know, it might be worth a pay rise!)
Carebear samples the sound of MIDI stf 15 Anders Nilsson, the musician responsible for the excellent Carebears demos, has just written TCB Tracker, a music program that could just be the best ST music package ever
Cue the beat and bass stf 15 Evenlode Soundworks sequencing package Cubase has just been updated to version 2, adding WYSIWYG score printing
Two forces unite stf 7 Domark and Incentive are getting together on Incentive's latest game.
Neodesk takes 3 stf 15 Neodesk, that popular substitue Desktop environment for the ST, has updated to version 3
Desktop GEM replacement stf 7 Many owners fo the St choose the machine after seeing GEM desktop- that wonderful WIMP environment!
Menzies back the ST stf 15 John Menzies, the major high street news agent chain, is re-introducing the ST to its shops in a move which is certain to lead to increased sales of the ST over the Christmas period
Calamus divides and conquers stf 15 Calamusm the best DTP package for the ST, has had a dramatic price reduction of almost £200, dropping down to £262.50
Amigas under the weather staf 10 Commodore had little new to show for the Amiga range, but there was mention of several projects under development.
Virus destruction kits staf 10 Good news for users wanting to rid/protect their software from virus attacks.
Any Which Way staf 10 Demonstrated at the recent Which? show was Atari's Transputer Workstation (ATW).
Battle of the Paint Packages looms staf 10 Two major art packages for the Amiga, Photon Paint 2 and deluxe Paint III are set to storm onto the scene sometime in the next month.
Devpac for Developers staf 10 Hisofts Andy Pennell is currently working on a developers version of the widely acclaimed Devpac assembler / debugger / linker package.
Steinberg change their tune staf 10 After months of petitioning by computer users worldwide, Steinberg have decided to go ahead and develop an Amiga version of their hugely successful Pro-24 sequencer.
GFA Germany set to invade staf 10 In a surprise move GFA System Tecknik of Germany are to open offices in England and takeover the publishing and distribution of their products from current UK outlets.
Amiga Bridge Board staf 8 Format's story of 1988 products wouldn't be complete without the Amiga XT Brige Board - a PC emulator for the A200
Shopper is on the way to Wembley stf 15 Barely is the massive earls Court CES show over than another one looms over the horizon
Calligrapher gets PostScript output stf 36 Working Title have released a Post Script printer driver for their Calligrapher Professional multi-font word processor
Amiga-beating ST by Christmas stf 1 A new super ST is set to upset the 16-bit apple-cart before Christmas by offering superb graphics and sound at the regular ST's price.
Oh No! Not Another Magazine! stf 1 Welcome to issue one of ST Format
STario Land preview stf 71 Serious, thoughtful gaming makes its excuses and leaves as Top Byte Software prepares to release a simplistic, fun platformer
Atari Benelux shuts down stf 73 Atari UK's marketing manager, Darryl Still, recently commented on the report that Atari Benelux (based in the Netherlands) had been closed down
Calcmus sell rights stf 86 DMC, owners of the Atari Calamus series, sell rights to Canadian company MGI.
New Atari Group stf 86 Wessex Atari Group set up in the south of England.
Rumours stf 86 Internet rumours state that Atari is poised to make a statement about the end of the Jaguar.
A kind of MagiC stf 86 MagiC 5, MagiCMac 2, and Ease 5 are announced for release towards the end of 1996.
Floppyship Savings stf 86 FloppyShop announce discounts on their PD range.
Go faster stf 86 FaSt Club announces beta versions of the ImageCopy art package will be made available to registered users.
Parsec on the way up stf 7 Elmtech's Parsec board, the ST graphics board which adds mammoth graphics capabilities to your ST, has now been upgraded
Atari shows are go! stf 86 The two Atari shows in September 1996 are still on.
Digitising Service staf 8 You've seen all those glossy digitised screens in magazines, but how on earth can you get equally impressive images in your own paint package?
Calamus SL released stf 36 Calamus SL is now available from Halco
Kuma soft: ware on up and up stf 36 Respected "serious software" house Hisoft are taking over the manufacturing and marketing of Kuma's entire range of ST and TT software after signing a licencing agreemnet with kuma Computers.
TOS teething troubles - solved stf 36 It is now coming to light that Atari's new version of TOS, offering vastly improved Desktop features, is incompatible with STOS and some games
Cue a new game stf 36 Archer Maclean is at this very moment hard at work at a sequek to the outstanding Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker.
PD Library under threat stf 36 Public Domain software libraries could be forced to drop demos and pictures from their collections if a test case by the Trading Standards Office proceeds
European community gets a common language! stf 7 The name Omikron may not mean much in the UK, but throughtout Europe Omikron Basic is shipped as standard with all STs
Object Lesson for a CAD stf 7 The latest Data Becker program, BeckerCAD ST, is a professional object oriented drawing program
Calamus takes another leap stf 7 Makers off Calamus DMC are now working on version 1.10, due for release in early 1990.
ST Found o Moon stf 7 Well, perhaps not the moon.
Genlock winner stf 7 The winner of December's delicious GST Gold Genlock competition is Adam Cresser of Aberdeen. Unfortunately Debby Harry (see cover, ST Format 5) isn;t the first prize.
Titan on-line stf 86 Titan Designs unveil new web site.
Frontier: Elite 2 stf 42 At last it's here! The long awaited sequel to Elite, the classic space adventure, is to be released by Konami at the end of January.
Microprose at war again stf 49 Flight sim specialists Microprose have announced details of two new air combat games for your ST
Street Fighter 2 leads ST sales surge stf 49 Street Fighter 2, the worlds most famous beat-em-up has sold a phenomenal 22,000 copies on the ST, despite the games industry's negative attitude towards Atari.
War in the Gulf stf 48 Empire tak eon the might of the Iraqi army with the release of their latest war sim.
Lamborghini crazy for Titus stf 48 More news on the racing front comes from French softies Titus who've announced a licensing deal with Itialian sports car manufacturers Lamborghini.
New from the Show stf 48 System Solutions and Compo presented a continuous rolling demo of the Falcon's graphics and sound capabilities on a giant TV scnreen, with intense interest being shown in the Screenblaster overscan board and the Musicom direct to hard drive recording soft
Falcon's the musician's choice stf 48 Atari machines reigned supreme at the fourth annual MIDI music show, with around 70% of the machines on display being either ST's TTs or Falcons.
Substantial Falcon user base by Christmas! stf 48 Atari are aiming to sell up to 100,000 Falcons in the UK by Christmas as widespread advertising, distribution and improtation of the Falcon finally gets under way this month.
Domark goes Vroom stf 48 Vroom programmers Lankhor are currently developing a new racing sim for the ST
Apocalypse Now stf 48 Apocalypse is the latest helicopter gunship shoot-em-up from Virgin Games
Canon Fodder stf 48 Sensible Software's latest offering for Virgin is as far removed from Sensible Soccer as you can get.
1988 and all that! staf 8 The Format team cast a caustic eye over the last year
Mansell's wheel of Fortune stf 42 Nigel Mansell has recently signed an endorsement deal with computer accessory company, Logic 3
Lankhor follow the Falcon stf 49 Frehch softies Lankhor are set to release two new adventure games for the falcon and ST over the coming months
Noddy's Playtime stf 42 If you've a;lways fancied careering around Toytown in a red and yellow car, the now's your chance
Scrabble stf 42 Scrabble has leapt into the 21st Century with the release of US Gold's version of the game.
The Future starts here stf 42 Thousands of people had to be turned away from the Future Entertainment Show, the worlds biggest leisure computer exhibition.
Compo's comdex launches stf 42 Compo have just launched a fast PC 286 emulator board for the Falcon 030 at the Comdex show in Las Vagas
Nick faldo's Championship Golf stf 42 Can Nick Faldo successfully make the transition from putting on the green to putting on the ST?
Dalek Attack stf 42 Just when you thought you could hang up your floppy hat and scarf forever, the Daleks launch a surprise attack and cause you to spill tea down your best cardigan.
Falcon 030 Vs Amiga 1200 stf 42 Amiga afficionados have been crowing over the release of the new Amiga A1200 games machine ahead of the Falcon030, claiming that the capabilities of the new Commodore machine outstrip that of the Falcon.
Dazed and confused stf 41 Last seen presenting the wonderful Ishar RPG, daze Marketing have plumped for an easier going little affair in the shape of Bunny Bricks...
Blocks and balls stf 41 Domark have a nifty conversion of a classic coin-op ripe for release just about now, actually.
Colour in your hand stf 2 Atari announced the world's first color hand-held game system at the June Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.
Multi-tasking for all Atari machines stf 48 MultiTOS, the long awaited multi-tasking systen fir the ST and Falcon, is finally available, several months after the initial release of the Falcon.
Light years ahead staf 1 Elmtech Research are at the moment finalising developments on their ParSec graphics system, which sounds as though it could be astonoshing both technically and pricewaise
Falcon 040 boosts new Atari family stf 41 Atari have been developing a 68040 based Falcon computer. It will almost certainly be released in the third quater of 1993 in a brand new PC looking case and is likely to cost around £1,000
Autistic Talent staf 8 1989 will see the games software houses working together for charity in aid of autistic children.
The Sales are On staf 8 Prospective purchasers of STs and Amigas have never had it so good.
Operating Difficulties staf 8 Proud owners fo the Amigas brought in the Christmas rush are finding a few problems with some software
Chip Famine stretches into '89 staf 8 The Great Memory Chip Scare was the marathon story of '88, but reassuring announcements by Atari and Commodore have recently given the impression that all is sweet.
Now an Amiga Laptop? staf 8 To prove how close the ST and Amiga really are, no sooner have rumours of the ST laptop Stacy emerged than an Amiga model leaks out
Minix Mimix Unix staf 8 It had to happen. After all Unix's recent press attention, publisher Prentice-Hall has announced a Unix-like shell for the ST
Raring to go staf 1 Andy "zap-em" Storer eyes up the news and games that arrived too late for review.
Format in the U.S.A. staf 1 In the UK, whatever the technical merits of the twomachines it is generally accepted that the ST has sold about three times as many units as the Amiga.
Oscillating ST staf 1 If you're a closet soldering iron wielder, and you own an ST, then there's good new from Kuma
Colin goes one step beyond stf 49 Cheesy hero Colin Curly gets the sequal ttreatment in One Step Beyond, Ocean's latest licence release
Amiga price cut staf 1 Despite the widespread complaints in the computer manufacturing industry about the price of RAMs, Commodore are expected to cut the price of the Amiga 500 to match the Atari 520ST
Sony take over creators of Lemmings stf 49 Sony Electronic Publishing have acquired Lemmings 1 and 2 creators Psygnosis, one of the biggest software developers and publishers in the UK
Multiface for ST and Amiga staf 1 Romantic Robot, based in the backstreets of Cricklewood, are shortly to release an ST version of their successful hacking-cum-backup device, the Multiface.
Games price to drop? staf 1 The iniquitous pricing of 16 bit games could be a thing of the past.
Laptop ST looks definite staf 1 As Winston Churchill might have said, "Never in the field of human endeavour have so many been owed to so few machines."
Towers 2 coming soon stf 65 Due around late October is Towers 2, the falcon version of the American RPG, previously released for the ST.
Atari shows firm dates stf 65 Following our womewhat vague report in the October issue of ST FORMAT about this autumn's Atari shows, firm venues have now been booked and the four shows will be going ahead at the following dates:
Stardust Preview stf 65 Due for release this month is the long awaited Stardust from Daze marketing.
My first BBS stf 65 First computer center have recently announced that thier bulletin board, set up three months ago, is already proving popular accoring to General Manager Bryan Cobley
IDS News stf 65 IDS has changed owners in the past month
STF grabs 53% of ST Mag Market! stf 59 Latest ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) figures for the preiod July to December last year reveal that ST FORMAT has increased its share of the market to a significant 53% while "competitors" ST Review and ST User have experienced major falls in circulati
No falcon support from Atari stf 59 If you have brought one of the Falcons that were sold early in 1993 then you may have problems with certain types of software.
68010 upgrade kits staf 8 Following the recent correspondence in Format's pages about upgrading an Amiga's 68000 microprocessor to a 68010, Copse Side Industries are offering a DIY kit to do just that.
STs at the Cafe Royal staf 1 Atari held a trade and press show on May 26th as aplatform for their UK second-half-of-1988 activities.


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