ST Format 71 - June 1995

Customise your ST!

DIY Special
Step-by-step guide to fitting those essential upgrade components


Cover Disk

  • Magic Shadow Archive an entire disk in a single file
  • Hisoft C Interpreter Complete, industry standard programming language worth 20
  • Alien Thing Blast your way through an alien infestation in this exclusive demo! 1MByte required
  • Disk #Opus Ten disk utilities rolled into one
  • Music Box 2.6 Database for your music collection
  • Tessera Demo level of this colourful puzzler

News Items

STario Land preview Serious, thoughtful gaming makes its excuses and leaves as Top Byte Software prepares to release a simplistic, fun platformer

Games Reviewed

Brenarvarious Top Byte Software 8.99 25%  
Tessera Dolphin Software 5 79%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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