ST Format 48 - July 1993

Enter the World of MUSIC!

Discover the first steps in the art of making music with your ST

Take the sporting challenge: Compete against your ST in the best of the summer sports

Smooth Graphics DA's masterpiece reviewed

Scores of vital hints and tips!


Cover Disk

  • Dungeon Master Complete solution
  • Prism Paint Complete program. Full version of this amazing paint package (1MByte only)
  • B17 Flying Fortress Playable demo of Microprose's stunning flight simulator
  • Composer Two Complete MIDI sequencer - start making music
  • 100 TOS 2 Icons ...and create hundreds more

News Items

Multi-tasking for all Atari machines MultiTOS, the long awaited multi-tasking systen fir the ST and Falcon, is finally available, several months after the initial release of the Falcon.
Canon Fodder Sensible Software's latest offering for Virgin is as far removed from Sensible Soccer as you can get.
Apocalypse Now Apocalypse is the latest helicopter gunship shoot-em-up from Virgin Games
Domark goes Vroom Vroom programmers Lankhor are currently developing a new racing sim for the ST
Substantial Falcon user base by Christmas! Atari are aiming to sell up to 100,000 Falcons in the UK by Christmas as widespread advertising, distribution and improtation of the Falcon finally gets under way this month.
Falcon's the musician's choice Atari machines reigned supreme at the fourth annual MIDI music show, with around 70% of the machines on display being either ST's TTs or Falcons.
New from the Show System Solutions and Compo presented a continuous rolling demo of the Falcon's graphics and sound capabilities on a giant TV scnreen, with intense interest being shown in the Screenblaster overscan board and the Musicom direct to hard drive recording soft
Lamborghini crazy for Titus More news on the racing front comes from French softies Titus who've announced a licensing deal with Itialian sports car manufacturers Lamborghini.
War in the Gulf Empire tak eon the might of the Iraqi army with the release of their latest war sim.

Games Reviewed

Air Support Psygnosis 25.99 51%  
B17 Flying Fortress Microprose 34.99 87%  
Chaos Engine Renegade 25.99 94%
Falcon: No Second Prize Thalion 25.99 71%  
Falcon: Transarctica Silmarils/Daze 29.99 62%  
Firehawk Codemasters 19.99 83%  
Super Cauldron Titus 25.99 62%  


Mastering the Video

Software and Hardware Reviews

Address V1 .6 ST Club 72%  
Datalite 2 Hisoft 88%  
4T/FX with D2D (Falcon) D2D Systems 88%  
Steno Stenographer Combo 78%  
Theory Trainer 1 Music Express 84%  
Rhythm Trainer Music Express 84%  
DA's Vector CGS 92%
Chronos 3D 16/32 Systems 87%  
Stylus 800 lnkjet Epson 79%  
Floptical Drive Ladbroke 82%  
S120F SCSI (Falcon) System Solutions 85%  
VGA Mono Ladbroke 76%  
Pitch Trainer Music Express 84%  


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