ST Amiga Format 7 - January 1989

Smashing Mono!

Ditch those black & white printouts - Four colour printers face the acid test

Thunderblade! The arcade sensation blasts its way into 16 bits!
Win the lot! - A years supply of software from Electronic Arts and Atari up for grabs
Flair Paint - The best ever ST art package?
Hard Disks - Expensive toys or a real necessity? Three models tested.


Cover Disk

  • Flying Shark  
  • Histart  
  • FSEL  
  • Elite Cheat  

News Items

The Wraps Come Off Tony Dennis joined the 1700 companies and 110,000 visitors in Las Vagas, where Atari's and Commadore's plans for 1989 were revealed at Comdex.
Amiga 68020 Launched After al Atari's and Commodore's talk of 68020 and 68030 plans, Commodore are the first to deliver the goods with a saleable product; the Amiga 2500
Laptop ST - Almost Question: when is a launch not a launch? Answer: when it's a laptop ST.
BBC Emulator at Commodore Show
Atari Show The recent Atari show at Alexandra Palace proved to be a mixed bag of nuts
Atari to publish Amiga software Atari UK are planning a massive assult on the UK home software market in 1989 - not only for the ST, but titles for the Amiga are included in the plans.
First colour Digitiser Workbench 1.3 shipping in US
Monitoring TV
K-Spread Attack
A Scanner in the Works

Games Reviewed

944 Turbo Cup Loriciel 19.99 70%  
Chuckie Egg Pick & Choose 19.95 75%  
Galactic Conqueror Titus 24.99 78%  
International Soccer Microdeal 19.95 70%  
Live and Let Die Domark 19.95 83%  
Pioneer Plague Mandarin 24.95 78%  
RAC Rally Simulation Mandarin 24.95 80%  
Return of the Jedi Domark 19.95 72%  
R-Type Activision 19.95 96%
Thunderblade US Gold 24.99 92%


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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