ST Format 2 - September 1989


Make facial Fantasies on your ST. Fun Face review inside, playable demo on Disk

Superb new music section
Parsec graphics board reviewed


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Cover Disk

  • ST Format Demo A demo with loads of colours, bouncing words and some free advertising for your favourite magazine.
  • Sine Text Demo Text crawls across a multicoloured screen following a sine wave pattern. Count the colours
  • VKiller Long ago there was a virus killer on the cover but we thought it was about time that we gave you another to help protect your programs  from harm
  • Tinystuff Pictures on the cover are often compressed to save space and so Tinystuf comes into its own in  converting Tiny, Degas and Neochrome pictures from one format into another
  • Tinyview A slide show program that displays Tiny format pictures. This month part of the animation tutorial is shown
  • Blaster The old arcade classic Defender gets renamed and zaps onto your ST screen. Nostalgia time as you remember your misspent youth feeding  the arcade owner
  • Aargh! Is there anyone out there that likes that irritating click that you get every time you press a key on the ST? If so then don't use this desk accessory which can switch off that very same click
  • DC Clock Banish irritating left wrist movements. Just double click on the program and you'll have the clock displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Blood Money Another Format Gold makes it's way onto the cover. Blood Money is a fast a furious scrolling shoot-'em-up with hordes of poor defenceless (well, nearly defenceless) aliens to blast. The version on the cover is level two out of the four level. One or two p
  • Format10 Last month's disk formatter is repeated on the cover, only this time it works properly Last month it would only format drive A, but now it's fixed. Sorry!
  • GFA Convert ST BASIC programs to GFA BASIC
  • Fun Face Draw faces using a Photofit type system made up from eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and just muck around with them
  • GFA Demos This month's GFA BASIC programming tutorial deals with the subject of graphics and the demo programs mentioned in the article are sitting in the GFADEMOS folder
  • PCommand One thing the ST lacks and the poor Amiga has is a CLI, or command line interface. No more messing about with the Desktop menus and file operations are much simpler thanks to wild cards
  • Play It Demo Mixing digitised sound tracks and Neochrome of Degas pictures is made simple with Playit and there's a short demo on the cover to act as an appetiser.

News Items

PC Power PC Speed opens up the range of software that can be run on the PC
Fighting talk from Atari Sam Tramiel's aim: 'To kill off Nintendo'
Atari Soften Up Atari are re-entering the software market with a range of games and applications for the 16-bit market
Springs in Summer US company Codehead is to have its entire product range distributed in this country by ISM.
Scan and deliver DaataScan Plus is an upgrade to Kempston's scanning package
Norwegian Blue Mastertronic have aquired the licence from the Monty Python team to produce a computer game
Some like it Hotz Professional and amateur musicians alike in America are buzzing with excitement after a device called Hotz Translator surfaced at a music show in the States
Law promises piracy action A new law intended to prevent ST software piracy has come into force amid conflicting claims about its scope and interpretation
Colour in your hand Atari announced the world's first color hand-held game system at the June Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.

Games Reviewed

Blood Money Psygnosis £24.95 90%
Buffalo Bills Wild West Rodeo Games Tynesoft £24.95 83%  
Chariots of Wrath Impressions £24.99 59%  
Kick Off Anco £19.95 88%  
Leonardo Starbyte / Entertainment International £19.95 62%  
Quartz Firebird £24.99 75%  
Red Heat Ocean £19.99 52%  
Robocop Ocean £19.99 56%  
The Last Crusade US Gold £19.99 90%
The Quest for the time bird Infogames £24.95 78%  
Verminator Rainbird £29.95 83%  


Looking for design Designing a computer's easy - sling some electronics in a grey box, add a keyboard and monitor, done! Perhaps not, as CHRIS DRAKE discovers.
Sticky Fingers MARK HIGHAM went to the Powerplay factory in Oldham to find out how a joystick is made and speculate on the future
Facing Facts It's a fair cop, guv, I'll come quiet: STEVE CAREY investigates how the police can fit you up for a crime with the amazing new E-FIT system, and on page 28 reviews That's Fun Face, a unique new kind of ST program that works in the same way.

Software and Hardware Reviews

Parsec 4768 board Research  
Tweety Board Bath Computer Shack  
Studiomaster MA36 Studiomaster  
That's Fun Face Cavendish  
Music Maker Hybrid Arts  
Steinberg Cubase Evenlode  
Super Librarian MCMXCIX  
GFA 3 Compiler GFA 91%


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