ST Amiga Format 4 - October 1988


Put yourself in the picture with a video digitiser

Going on-line - Modems, Bulletin Boards and the world of comms explained
Starlider 2 - Fatser, Flashier, Filled 3D - Out on ST and Amiga
Arcade creator - STOS - the revolutionary D-I-Y games system
Animated Amigas - Winners from the Edinburgh Amiga animation competition
The 6800 at large - 010,020,030 and 040 - what they're doing and where they're going
Starting out in Midi - An idiot's guide to what goes where


Cover Disk

  • Pipe Panic  
  • Mandelbrot Generator  
  • Speller  
  • ST Init  
  • Pro Calculator  
  • Rat Trap  

News Items

Low cost Laser Launch Thinking of diving into DTP, but worried about the cost?
FAST scuppers Scottish pirates FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft...
Games Giants Spurn PC Show This years PC show (formerly the PCW show) is scheduled to be the biggest and glitiest ever, yet many of the big names in games and leisure software have chosen to do their own things.
Barbaric use for new software The best advertisement for a new piece of programming software is to have someone write something really good using it.
Atari launches Micro Micro Keeping their heigh profile of product announcements in recent months, Atari have announced a tie up with Cambridge-based DIP Computers, whose pocket PC they will market worldwide.
Low-cost Amiga short-wave link The Amigas high-res graphics are being put to more varied uses these days.
A new Acquisition Version 1.3 of Taurus Software's Acquisition database has now hit the streets.

Games Reviewed

Carrier Command Rainbird 24.95 85%  
Eliminator Hewson 19.99 70%  
Federation of Free Traders Gremlin Graphics 29.95 85%  
Hostages Infogrames 24.95 78%  
Starglider 2 Argonaut / rainbird 24.95 95%
Starray Hidden Treasures / Logotron 24.95 79%  
Summer Olympiad Tynesoft 19.95 77%  
Vectorball Mastertronic 14.99 63%  


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