Oh No! Not Another Magazine!

Welcome to issue one of ST Format

ST Amiga Format, ST Format's
illustrious parent.

If you have been a reader of ST Amiga Format you know what to expect, if not welcome to an ST magazine that stands out from the crowd.

We are different from the rest because we combine intelligent reviews of software with helpful advice and up-to-the-minute games reviews, and because we give you a program-packed cover disk.

ST Format won't talk down to you as if your main weekly read was the Sunday Sport but we won't talk over your head either. We know you take your computing seriously, whether you prefer DTP or Dungeon Master.

Our games writers have years of experience and can instantly tell a lemon from a world beater. The Format Gold accolade is the sign of quality software - you can rely on the ST Format games team to give you the full story before you part with your cash.

ST Formats cover mounted disk gives you more software than any other - our special format gives double-sided drive owners nearly 800K of carefully selected programs (Single-sided ST owners can still get the extra programs - see page 26).
Which other magazine would give you a fully working copy of the highly acclaimed GFA BASIC? Or the top assembler Devpac?

Uniquely, we give you fully playable demonstration versions of the latest games, even before you can buy them in the shops look out for future releases from Activision, Ocean and US Gold, coming soon.

Add to that the cream of public domain software and a selection from the hundreds of programs submitted by readers and you have the best value cover disk you can buy.

ST Format covers the whole spectrum of Atari computing; we are not a games-only magazine but we don't limit ourselves to word processors. We are not afraid to get technical - our team knows the ST inside out - but we always try to offer beginners a helping hand.

Read this debut issue of ST Format, we're confident you'll be looking forward to issue 2, out August 17.


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