ST Format 86 - September 1996

Look into the FUTURE

All about the latest machines based on Atari technology

Roll the credits - Add video titling effects to your movies with our exclusive Cover Disk software
The shows must go on - The most exciting Atari events this year
Reviewed: Positive Image, Arabesque, Convector Pro, Neodesk / Geneva

All good things... As ST FORMAT closes its doors and rides majestically off into the sunset, we take a minute to say goodbye and thanks


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Cover Disk

  • Maxidisk 2.2 RAM Disk Utilities
  • Video Supreme Demo Exclusive version of this video titling software
  • Selectric 1.40E Hypertext viewer
  • Bomb Squad Game
  • Accessory 1.3 Accessory organiser
  • ST-Guide 1.4E  
  • Toys  
  • STD Codes CPX Area code search
  • Dirsort 1.1  
  • Cubase Example Cubase music

News Items

Atari shows are go! The two Atari shows in September 1996 are still on.
Titan on-line Titan Designs unveil new web site.
Go faster FaSt Club announces beta versions of the ImageCopy art package will be made available to registered users.
Floppyship Savings FloppyShop announce discounts on their PD range.
A kind of MagiC MagiC 5, MagiCMac 2, and Ease 5 are announced for release towards the end of 1996.
Rumours Internet rumours state that Atari is poised to make a statement about the end of the Jaguar.
New Atari Group Wessex Atari Group set up in the south of England.
Calcmus sell rights DMC, owners of the Atari Calamus series, sell rights to Canadian company MGI.

Games Reviewed

Biohazard 2 Village Software  


Atari Force: The Next Generation One-page feature on the DC Comic that bore the official Atari name (circa 1984)
Atari's downfall Cavan Scott examines the rise, fall and rapid plummet of Atari. One-page article on the machines' history.
All Good things... Former writers give a final commentary on their experiences working for the magazine.

Software and Hardware Reviews

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