ST Amiga Format 10 - April 1989

Pump up the Power

Expand your ST and Amiga

Ultima V - Set to be an adventure classic? Exclusive review

Secrets of Animation - Movie Setter (Amiga) and Cyber Sculpt (ST), plus help from the pros
Learn Assembler - 68000 programming - new series with HiSoft's Devpac on your disk
See the future - Focussing on computer vision


Cover Disk

  • Zak McKracken  
  • Devpac  
  • Address Book  
  • EdiText  
  • Label Expert  

News Items

GFA Germany set to invade In a surprise move GFA System Tecknik of Germany are to open offices in England and takeover the publishing and distribution of their products from current UK outlets.
Steinberg change their tune After months of petitioning by computer users worldwide, Steinberg have decided to go ahead and develop an Amiga version of their hugely successful Pro-24 sequencer.
Devpac for Developers Hisofts Andy Pennell is currently working on a developers version of the widely acclaimed Devpac assembler / debugger / linker package.
Battle of the Paint Packages looms Two major art packages for the Amiga, Photon Paint 2 and deluxe Paint III are set to storm onto the scene sometime in the next month.
Any Which Way Demonstrated at the recent Which? show was Atari's Transputer Workstation (ATW).
Virus destruction kits Good news for users wanting to rid/protect their software from virus attacks.
Amigas under the weather Commodore had little new to show for the Amiga range, but there was mention of several projects under development.

Games Reviewed

Cybernoid II: The Revenge Hewson 19.95 70%  
Denaris (Amiga only) US Gold 24.95 83%  
Populous Electronic Arts 24.95 92%
Silkworm The Sales Curve 19.95 70%  
Titan Titus 19.99 79%  
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny MicroProse 24.95 86%  
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Lucasfilm/US Gold 24.99 71%  


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