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Super STs to star at PC show stf 3 Atari's ST compatible machines, launched at the Atari Messe in Dusseldorf in Germany, are to be displayed at the PC show.
STE runs into trouble stf 7 STOS won't work!
New Super-STs on the way stf 25 Two new STs • CD ST • Secret Falcon super-computer project revealed
STF Goes On-Line stf 41 Yes, that's right. The ST FORMAT BBS is now operating 24 hours a day
Atari launch their “billion dollar baby” stf 49 The Jaguar, Atari's 64-bit home entrainment system, has been launched at the summer CES held in Chicago.
Atari expect to stay in the Red stf 59 Atari have reported big losses for last year’s operations, although they didn’t lose as much as they did the previous year.
Atari vs Sega stf 65 After a battle strongly reminiscent of the Jaguar's Alien is Predator, Atari recently made an extra $90 million at the expense of Sega.
Super ST Surprise staf 8 Atari's much rumoured Super ST - which has been making headlines more often than the Sunday Sport's WWII-Bomber-on-the-Moon stories - is closer to being reality after US-based Megabyte Computers' revelation that it is negotiating with Atari to supply its high-speed circuit boards.
Price war leads to 16-Bt push staf 3 It now seems almost certain that the price of the basic 520ST will drop to £299 in the autumn, reestablishing its price diferential over the Amiga
Colour in your hand stf 2 Atari announced the world's first color hand-held game system at the June Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.
Atari reveal big plans for the ST stf 27 Atari's Managing Director Sam Tramiel has announced some revolutionary updates to the ST range of machines.
Falcon 030 Vs Amiga 1200 stf 42 Amiga afficionados have been crowing over the release of the new Amiga A1200 games machine ahead of the Falcon030, claiming that the capabilities of the new Commodore machine outstrip that of the Falcon.
Laptop ST looks definite staf 1 As Winston Churchill might have said, "Never in the field of human endeavour have so many been owed to so few machines."
Atari Benelux shuts down stf 73 Atari UK's marketing manager, Darryl Still, recently commented on the report that Atari Benelux (based in the Netherlands) had been closed down
STario Land preview stf 71 Serious, thoughtful gaming makes its excuses and leaves as Top Byte Software prepares to release a simplistic, fun platformer
Oh No! Not Another Magazine! stf 1 Welcome to issue one of ST Format
Amiga-beating ST by Christmas stf 1 A new super ST is set to upset the 16-bit apple-cart before Christmas by offering superb graphics and sound at the regular ST's price.
ST User closes its doors stf 65 ST User, one of the founding magazines in the ST world has closed after 106 issues, having suffered a long but recently more rapid decline in sales.


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