ST Format 36 - July 1992

Soup up your ST…

...we open up your ST to show you 50 great ways you can transform your machine into a real monster!

Whatever happened to all the heros?


Cover Disk

  • Super Boot 7.4 Boot-up customiser - not available on any other coverdisk!
  • The Financier Exclusive and complete money manager
  • Cypher 2 Scramble your files to keep them private
  • Utils GFA Menu Maker, Memory configuration program , GFA listings, Three GFA Raytracing utilities
  • Fire And Ice A coyote in an aqualung stars in this  manic new platform game from the Bitmaps
  • K-Spread 2 Worth over £50! Kuma's powerful spreadsheet program - the essential number cruncher. Every financial, mathematical and statistical function you'll ever need. Makes it easy to process any kind of data, from trigonometry to accounts. [medium or high res]

News Items

PD Library under threat Public Domain software libraries could be forced to drop demos and pictures from their collections if a test case by the Trading Standards Office proceeds
Cue a new game Archer Maclean is at this very moment hard at work at a sequek to the outstanding Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker.
TOS teething troubles - solved It is now coming to light that Atari's new version of TOS, offering vastly improved Desktop features, is incompatible with STOS and some games
Kuma soft: ware on up and up Respected "serious software" house Hisoft are taking over the manufacturing and marketing of Kuma's entire range of ST and TT software after signing a licencing agreemnet with kuma Computers.
Calamus SL released Calamus SL is now available from Halco
Calligrapher gets PostScript output Working Title have released a Post Script printer driver for their Calligrapher Professional multi-font word processor

Games Reviewed

A320 Airbus Thalion Software £25.99 79%  
Award Winners Empire £29.99 90%
Formula One Grand Prix Microprose £34.99 81%  
Gobliiins Dream Factory £20.99 87%  
Last Ninja 3 System 3 £25.99 72%  
Leander Psygnosis £25.99 68%  
Legend Mindscape £30.99 89%  
Potsworth & Co Hi-Tec Software £25.99 75%  
Psyborg Loriciel £25.99 46%  
Quattro Fighters Codemasters £7.99 48%  
Saint dragon Kixx £7.99 78%  
Samurai Impressions £29.99 70%  
Steel empire Millennium £29.99 71%  
Superski 2 Microids £25.99 68%  
Utopia - New Worlds Gremlin £14.99 64%  


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