ST Format 42 - January 1993

50 - Play the Best!

Games, games and more games - here are 50 to crown them all!

Virtual Reality comes to your ST
That was the year that was: Take a look back at the ST's past 12 months
What's New? Find out in our 25 page reviews section

ON DISK: Knife ST -0 the very best disk and memory editor you can get for your ST
Included this month:Over 40 games, Videomaster, the Deskjet 550C Plus!
Plus! Protext and Write on head to head, Archer Maclean rants, STOS extensions, ST FORMAT's Bulletin Board - and much more!


Cover Disk

  • Fractal Engine Loads of wacky Fractals
  • Ozone It's cute, it's got platforms, it's got power ups, it's brilliant
  • Rubric Screen save
  • Improviser Demo of the musical improvisation program
  • Downfall Cunning two player snow-'em up
  • The Last Arcadian Fantastic 3D flight-sim blast
  • Space War The best version of the classic game, ever
  • Knife ST Knife ST is the best disk editor you can get for the ST. Salvage lost files, unerase data repair disks, edit data, study memory locations  and prowl around inside the mind of your ST
  • Michtron BBS v3 The best bulletin board software you can get, that's why we use it for the ST Format BBS

News Items

Falcon 030 Vs Amiga 1200 Amiga afficionados have been crowing over the release of the new Amiga A1200 games machine ahead of the Falcon030, claiming that the capabilities of the new Commodore machine outstrip that of the Falcon.
Dalek Attack Just when you thought you could hang up your floppy hat and scarf forever, the Daleks launch a surprise attack and cause you to spill tea down your best cardigan.
Nick faldo's Championship Golf Can Nick Faldo successfully make the transition from putting on the green to putting on the ST?
Compo's comdex launches Compo have just launched a fast PC 286 emulator board for the Falcon 030 at the Comdex show in Las Vagas
The Future starts here Thousands of people had to be turned away from the Future Entertainment Show, the worlds biggest leisure computer exhibition.
Scrabble Scrabble has leapt into the 21st Century with the release of US Gold's version of the game.
Noddy's Playtime If you've a;lways fancied careering around Toytown in a red and yellow car, the now's your chance
Frontier: Elite 2 At last it's here! The long awaited sequel to Elite, the classic space adventure, is to be released by Konami at the end of January.
Mansell's wheel of Fortune Nigel Mansell has recently signed an endorsement deal with computer accessory company, Logic 3

Games Reviewed

Around the World Floppy Shop £9.95 15%  
Bunny Bricks Daze £25.99 25%  
Caesar Impressions £29.99 84%  
Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk Codemasters £7.99 78%  
Double Master Double Pack Psygnosis £29.99 92%
Dr Fox's 1992 Football Annual Dr Fox £7.99 70%  
Flight of the Intruder Digital Integration £14.99 90%
Leeds Utd Champions CDS £24.99 61%  
Lemmings Double Pack Psygnosis £39.99 75%  
Liverpool Grandslam £24.99 74%  
Paladin 2 Impressions £29.99 68%  
Rampart Domark £25.99 85%  
Spellbound Dizzy Codemasters £7.99 71%  
Striker Manager D&H Games £24.99 58%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Videomaster Microdeal £69.95 92%
Golden Image Optical Mouse Ladbroke 75%  
ICD Adspeed STE HCS 81%  
Edhak 2.35 Clear Thinking 67%  
Supra Modem 2400 1st Computer Centre 77%  
ICD Cleanup ST Atari Workshop 79%  
Golden Image Mouse Ladbroke 73%  
High Density Drive Gasteiner 72%  
Formfinder V2.1 Aztec Software 69%  


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