Super ST Surprise

Atari's much rumoured Super ST - which has been making headlines more often than the Sunday Sport's WWII-Bomber-on-the-Moon stories - is closer to being reality after US-based Megabyte Computers' revelation that it is negotiating with Atari to supply its high-speed circuit boards.

Megabyte's board, which is currently on sale as an add-on for normal STs, comprises a 16MHz 68000 processor (the processor in your ST is rated at 8MHz) and claims an astounding 95% speed increase over standard machines. The circuitry consists of around 37 chips, but surprisingly the US retail price is only $249 (around £150), so it shouldn't push Atari's end product price up too much.

According to Megabyte's ebullient boss, Kevin Henderson, Atari should have decided whether it is interested in incorporating the circuitry within new 'Super' STs by the time you read this.

Early rumours indicated that the processor inside the so-called Super ST was to be the 32-bit 68020. However, Bob Katz (Atari UK's technical director) crushed this story when he mentioned to developers earlier in the month that to keep costs down the chip would in fact be a 68000.

It remains to be seen whether the new machine also has the promised Amiga-bashing stereo sound, 4096 colours and hardware scrolling. Whatever the e it can no longer be denied that Atari definitely has a new ST- compatible micro on the horizon.

The humble ST – sticking with the 68000 but set for a turbocharge courtesy of Kevin Henderson’s (inset) booster board.


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Page last updated: 11 May 2011
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