ST Format 65 - December 1994

Plug your ST into the... INTERNET

Essential 10 page feature. Your complete Superhighway Code!

World War III - The big three text crunchers are put to the test: graphics, RAM, speed, fonts, colours, checkers, thesauri, the works!
Protext 6.5 Vs That's Write 3 Vs Papyrus Gold - Don't buy a word processor until you've read this!

Everything you need to know: Going on-line, The technology and the terminology, The costs and how to cut corners, They hype and the hope, The latest and greatest software, The essential hardware... in fact the whole damn internet thang

ST User readers - See page 11 NOW!

Many thanks to Kodak80 for scanning this issue!


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Cover Disk

  • Tiny Print Cram loads of text on to a single page
  • Jetpac The classic game on your ST. 1MByte only
  • Timezones Know the time all over the world
  • Three Games the STF classic coin-op collection
  • Dr Fox Start making your pools fortune now
  • Grafix Exclusive demo of IDS' art tutorial package

News Items

Atari vs Sega After a battle strongly reminiscent of the Jaguar's Alien is Predator, Atari recently made an extra $90 million at the expense of Sega.
ST User closes its doors ST User, one of the founding magazines in the ST world has closed after 106 issues, having suffered a long but recently more rapid decline in sales.
IDS News IDS has changed owners in the past month
My first BBS First computer center have recently announced that thier bulletin board, set up three months ago, is already proving popular accoring to General Manager Bryan Cobley
Stardust Preview Due for release this month is the long awaited Stardust from Daze marketing.
Atari shows firm dates Following our womewhat vague report in the October issue of ST FORMAT about this autumn's Atari shows, firm venues have now been booked and the four shows will be going ahead at the following dates:
Towers 2 coming soon Due around late October is Towers 2, the falcon version of the American RPG, previously released for the ST.

Games Reviewed

Darts 180 PD / Shareware  
Dynabusters+ PD / Shareware  
Falcon: Robinson's Requiem 030 Daze Marketing 32.99 90%
Jet Bike Challenge PD / Shareware  
Plonker PD / Shareware  
Rugby League Coach Audiologic 29.99 75%  


The Web and the ST The World Wide Web is a new area of the Internet that enables you to move from area to area by using hypertext links in documents.

Software and Hardware Reviews

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