ST Format 25 - August 1991

37 Ways to expand your horizons

We show you how to boos your ST's power
8 steps to heaven: kiss goodbye to those "out-of-memory blues" - page 24
9 machines your St can take on and beat - page 92
20 of the best on test: it's the brightest, boldest, sharpest, longest round-up of printers in the history of the entire world (probably) - page 98

The ST club's boss reveals what it really takes to run a PD library: Page 113

"I'm Jazzie B's hands: he uses the ST through me" - Will Mowat wxplains why Soul-II-Soul chose the ST to record their new album

Better than Populous? Subjugate races, cast lightening bolts into the sea and leave a trail of meyhem behind you! Imageworks brand new gold-game storms onto this month's packed Cover Disk in another exclusive: Page 38

121 More good reasons to step inside: 61 top games cheated, 21 games scrutinised, 20 PD programs reviewed, 14 essential technical tips, 5 crucial drawing guides


Cover Disk

  • Mega Lo Mania Beat your people to a pulp with this absorbing demo of Mirrorsoft's new God-game. You're going to cry out for some divine intervention!
  • Spell One How do you spell "antidisestablishmentarianism?"  This on-line dictionary tells you at a keystroke
  • Diary Forgotten what's on today? Find out with this essential diary and address-book utility
  • Cypher Stash that pic! Hide those grabs! Keep your arts private with the intelligent picture-cruncher
  • Flexidump Latest version of the top print package makes printing simple, whatever you've got

News Items

New Super-STs on the way Two new STs • CD ST • Secret Falcon super-computer project revealed
Super-Languages build on the BASICs The three best selling BASIC programming language packages available for the ST are about to undergo major upgrades.
New imports from System Solutions System Solutions are doing their bit to impair the balance of trade, with a bevy of new imports lined up
MIDI pinonees back on tracks Hybrid Arts have the singular distinction of being the very first company to demonstrate MIDI music-making on a cimputer, way back in 1985
Stereo sampling arrives on the ST The same team that brought Stero Sound to the ST via the Monster Stero Cartridge have now produced a stereo sampler.
Make an IMPrint Who thinks up these program names anyway?
Indiana Jones and the search for Monkey Island 2 Lucasfilm, the software house responsible for the Indiana Jones graphic adventures and June's FORMAT Gold winning Monley Island, are busy again.
Atari monopolise on the High Street For the first time in a while, Atari are happy with themselves.

Games Reviewed

California Games Kixx £7.99 81%  
Champion of the Raj PSS/Mirrorsoft £25.99 78%  
Crime does not pay Titus £25.53 77%  
Fantasy Graphics Disk Deltronics £9.99 73%  
Forgotten Worlds Kixx £7.99 71%  
Gary Linekers Hot Shot Kixx £7.99 69%  
Germ Crazy Electronic Zoo £25.99 88%  
Imposbbile Mission 2 Kixx £7.99 80%  
Logical Rainbow Arts £19.99 76%  
Mercs US Gold £19.99 61%  
Navy Seals Ocean £25.53 72%  
Outzone UBI Soft £20.53 66%  
Prehistorik Titus £20.53 68%  
Shadow Dancer US Gold £25.99 67%  
Switch Blade Kixx £7.99 58%  
Talespin Deltronics £9.99 82%  
Toki Ocean £24.99 78%  
Tom and the Ghost UBI Soft £20.53 67%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

M-1309 Brother 78%  
KX-P1081 Panasonic 85%  
KX-P4420 Panasonic 80%  
LC-24/LC-24 Colour printers Star 80%  
LQ-400 Epson 85%  
LX-400 Epson 75%  
Master Time B Ware 87%  
M-1324 Brother 85%  
HL4 Brother 89%  
ProDot 24 Citizen 87%  
SQ 850 Epson 73%  
Swift 24 Citizen 75%  
Swift 9 Citizen 87%  
VerbMaster Academic 85%  
AT Speed C16 Compo 82%  
Pro-series 16-bit Sampler AVR 94%
Paintjet printer Hewlett Packard 80%  
ATonce plus Silica 85%  
PC Ditto Avant Garde 35%  
Spectre GCR Ladbroke 94%
Supercharger SC Plus 286 Condor 92%
Alfa Data Gasteiner 83%  
Evesham 2MByte Evesham 72%  
Gigatron Compo 82%  
Power 2MByte Power 92%
Third Coast 0.5MByte Third Coast 87%  
Z-RAM Third Coast 74%  
X-Tra RAM Frontier 81%  
Aries 2MByte Ladbroke 84%  


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