ST Format 41 - December 1992

The shape of things to come

We investigate the brave new world that is multi-media

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HUGE 30 Page review section

ON DISK The brilliant Protext word processor
Reviewed this month: Lotus FC, Ween, Shadoworlds, floptical drive, Yamaha synth, high density drive - and more!


Cover Disk

  • Hyperbase Mix pictures, sound and text to create your own multi-media applications
  • GIF To RAW Picture file converter
  • GFA Spec Use stunning 512 colour Spectrum pictures in GFA Basic programs
  • STOS Fix Persuade STOS to run on any ST or TT
  • Air Support Play general with a host of high-tech  battle weaponry in this demo on the ultimate combat simulator
  • Sound Lab Feature-packed sampled sound editor
  • Protext v4.3 Fully-integrated word processor including: Mail merge, File conversion , Pull-down menus, File selector, Block dragging
  • Maastricht Read the full test of the Treaty on European Union and decide whether Europe is for you!

News Items

STF Goes On-Line Yes, that's right. The ST FORMAT BBS is now operating 24 hours a day
Fishy, very fishy Be Warned. Cod knows, those fishy puns are going to be skating around with monotonous regularity over the next month or so.
Falcon 040 boosts new Atari family Atari have been developing a 68040 based Falcon computer. It will almost certainly be released in the third quater of 1993 in a brand new PC looking case and is likely to cost around £1,000
Dragon on a bit... It is debatable whether or not we need another excursion into Dragon's Lair land, but Readysoft have gone and done it anyway.
Blocks and balls Domark have a nifty conversion of a classic coin-op ripe for release just about now, actually.
Dazed and confused Last seen presenting the wonderful Ishar RPG, daze Marketing have plumped for an easier going little affair in the shape of Bunny Bricks...

Games Reviewed

Amberstar Thalion £29.99 73%  
Lotus 3 Gremlin £25.99 75%  
Lynx: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Atari 14%  
Lynx: Blue Lightning Atari 94%
Lynx: Hard Drivin Atari 27%  
Lynx: Rampage Atari 62%  
Lynx: Robo Squash Atari 81%  
Lynx: Scrapyard Dog Atari 73%  
Magic Worlds Daze £25.99 91%
Shadoworlds Krisalis £25.99 73%  
Striker Rage £25.99 79%  
Tiny Skweeks Loriciel £29.99 68%  
Ween Coktel Vision £29.99 79%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Falcon 030 Atari 92%
Superboot 7.4 STF disk 36 67%  
Hotwire Atari Workshop 78%  
X-Boot Atari Workshop 60%  
Scanlite Ladbroke 78%  
Multidesk Deluxe Atari Workshop 78%  
Migraph OCR Gasteiner 79%  
Makefile 3 Atari Workshop 73%  
Link Gasteiner 82%  
Diamond Back 2 Ladbroke 92%
STOS Maestro Plus Mandarin 79%  
Pagestream V2.2 Silica 91%
Floptical Drive Ladbroke 77%  
Replay 8 Microdeal 82%  
SY-35 Synth Yamaha 93%
Hard Drive Turbo Kit Ladbroke 58%  


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