ST Format 49 - August 1993

Lemmings 2

You can't live without it

Discover photo realism on your ST
Revealed! Atari's incredible new 64-bit Jaguar
MultiTOS - The first multi-tasking system for your ST is here!


Cover Disk

  • Midi Files Treat your MIDI set-up
  • Disk #Space Get more from your drives
  • Squish Avoid getting squashed in this cracking original game
  • Persistence Of Vision The ultimate raytracer. Create  your own photo-realistic pictures (1MByte only)
  • Chaos Engine Complete playable level of this brilliant arcade blaster (STFM owners need 1MByte)

News Items

Atari launch their “billion dollar baby” The Jaguar, Atari's 64-bit home entrainment system, has been launched at the summer CES held in Chicago.
Street Fighter 2 leads ST sales surge Street Fighter 2, the worlds most famous beat-em-up has sold a phenomenal 22,000 copies on the ST, despite the games industry's negative attitude towards Atari.
Microprose at war again Flight sim specialists Microprose have announced details of two new air combat games for your ST
Colin goes one step beyond Cheesy hero Colin Curly gets the sequal ttreatment in One Step Beyond, Ocean's latest licence release
Sony take over creators of Lemmings Sony Electronic Publishing have acquired Lemmings 1 and 2 creators Psygnosis, one of the biggest software developers and publishers in the UK
Lankhor follow the Falcon Frehch softies Lankhor are set to release two new adventure games for the falcon and ST over the coming months

Games Reviewed

Bully's SportingDarts Alternative £9.99 69%  
Championship Manager '93 Domark £25.99 80%  
Cool World Ocean £25.99 48%  
D/Generation Mindscape £9.99 78%  
Hill Street Blues Buzz £9.99 71%  
Ishar 2 - Messengers of Doom Silmarils/Daze £27.99 92%
Lemmings 2 - The Tribes Psygnosis £29.99 96%
Manic Mansions Lucasfilm/Kixx XL £12.99 73%  
Metallic Power Lankhor £22.99 72%  
Mig-29 Fulcrum Hit Squad £12.99 78%  
Operation Stealth US Gold/Kixx XL £14.99 82%  
Reach for the Skies Virgin £30.99 88%  
War in the Gulf Empire £29.99 92%


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Software and Hardware Reviews

HJ100i Brother 89%  
ICD Pro Utilities Ladbroke 85%  
John the Composer Newtronic 70%  
Bio-con Pen Mouse Ladbroke 70%  
Imagecopy 2 ST Club 91%
Optical Drive Power Computing 76%  
SVGA Mono System Solutions 86%  
Optical Pen Mouse Gasteiner 81%  
Crazy Sounds Maxon Computer 78%  


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