ST Format 24 - July 1991

Shoot to thrill!!

Your ST, a video recorder and imagination - all that you need to create video masterpieces: page 30

Introduce your ST to the real world! We pick the best digitiser around: page 104

You can do this: MidWinter 2 artist Andy Elkerton shows you how - see page 90
85 more good reasons to step inside - 29 manic games cheated, 23 games under the proverbial microscope, 16 PD programs reviewed, 12 handy technical tips, 5 step-by-step guides to making your own pictures

Bonkers old hippy Jeff Minter names his top twenty games: Page 74 PS. Llamatron's on the Disk (page 38)

SCOOP! Atari's cheif designer tells all about the "miracle" ST that reads your handwritting: Page 25


Cover Disk

  • Llamatron Dig out the green wellies to collect sheep in our complete version of  Minter's -weird shoot'-'em-up
  • WP Tools Versatile accessory to give you more power in 1st Word
  • Little Green Selector Ditch the usual ST file selector and  use this sophisticated replacement version instead
  • Flu Find out how to spot virus symptoms - without getting  infected
  • Assembly Part 3, get programming in assembly with Bullfrog's guide
  • Atomino Start splitting the atom with this exclusive playable demo of the new puzzler from  Psygnosis
  • Revenge Automatic document reader, printer and decompacter

News Items

STE breaks £300 barrier Atari have slashed the price of the 520 STE by £50 to a remarkable £299
ST dominates MIDI Music Fair The ST proved its domination of the computer music market at the 1991 MIDI Music Fair held at the Novatel, Hammersmith, in London.
ST Transputer available by the end of the year Atari have confirmed that they have a team of technical bods based in a Cambridge think-tank working on what Atari's boss Bob Gleadow calls "a cost-reduced version" of the ATW transputer workstation.
Light speed ST Three American ways to speed up your ST right now
Freestyle sounds come out New from Zone Distribution is a MIDI improvisation packaged called Freestyle.
A nice line in art As DTP packages become increasingly sophisticated, so do the support programs for them
Duster-up at Realtime If you're one of the loyal nad of long-time ST FORMAT readers, you may remember a preview in issue 15 of a game called Duster...
Need help with Finance? If you're one of those people who actually fill in the stubs in their chequebooks, even after the third cheque, then this program should appeal to you

Games Reviewed

Builderland Infogrames £19.99 71%  
Cohort Impressions £24.99 69%  
Disc Infogrames £24.99 89%  
Encounter Novagen £20.42 58%  
Flood Electronic Arts £10.99 87%  
Hero Quest Gremlin £25.99 78%  
Hill Street Blues Krisalis £25.53 83%  
Hydra Domark £24.99 55%  
Jahangir Khan's world championship squash Krisalis £24.99 73%  
Lemmings Psygnosis £24.99 94%
Lords of Chaos Software business £24.99 82%  
Mega Traveller 1 Empire £30.64 67%  
Othello Killer UBI Soft £19.99 65%  
Pro Tennis Tour 2 UBI Soft £25.99 73%  
Projectyle Electronic Arts £10.99 91%
Sim City Terrain Editor Infogrames £16.99 51%  
Skull and Crossbones Domark £24.99 59%  
Stormball Millennium £24.99 71%  
Super Skweek Infogrames £24.99 81%  
Supercars 2 Gremlin £25.53 74%  
Tetris Infogrames £19.99 69%  
The Winning Team Domark £29.99 56%  
Wonderland Virgin / Mastertronic £30.64 85%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Let's Spell Out and About Softstuff 91%
3D Constr'n Kit Domark 95%
Trip a Tron Llamasoft 91%
Gravis Mousestick RC Simulations 90%


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