ST Format 47 - June 1993

Gripping Games!

Explore the epics that grab your imagination

Upgrade your TOS. Step by step guides to massively improve your ST's performance
Solved! Scores of ST problems

Xenemporph. Create the best St graphics ever with this glorious raytracing package


Cover Disk

  • Stomp Fiendish puzzle game - you'll be pulling  handfuls of hair out
  • DSP Make your samples sound better with Digital Signal Processing
  • Abombinaball Bounce about collecting exploding bombs
  • Picture Monitor Convert pictures invisibly
  • Galaxian Blast those alien scumbags
  • Legends Of Valour Playable demo of this revolutionary role playing game (1MByte only)
  • Zip Compress your files the ST Format way

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Atomix PD / Shareware  
Cohort 2 - Fighting for Rome Impressions  
Colour Clash PD / Shareware  
Creatures Thalamus  
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Code Masters  
Football Tactician PD / Shareware  
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Audiogenic  
Just Another Silly Sports Sim PD / Shareware  
Mario's Quest PD / Shareware  
McDonald Land Virgin Games  
Psycho Pig 2 PD / Shareware  
Quizmaster 1.2 PD / Shareware  
Sleepwalker Ocean  
Software Projects PD / Shareware  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

TruePaint Falcon Hisoft 82%  
Easy Text Pro zzSoft 90%
Xenomorph 16/32 Systems 93%
Biz Accounts Orpheus 84%  
HP Portable Deskjet Hewlett Packard 80%  
TOS Switcher STE Analogic 87%  
Breakthru Gajits 90%
T-Board 68 STE Compo 84%  
T-Board 64 STFM Compo 78%  
Alfadata Hand Scanner Gasteiner 90%


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