ST Format 43 - February 1993

Make it move!

We show you how to create your own stunning full-screen animations

Put that on paper! We review and rate over 25 printers

Are you power-crazed? See ho you can make the most of it!


Cover Disk

  • Noddy's Playtime The man with the hat is back in a playable demo including the junior art package, Noddy's Paint Pot
  • Fractal Landscape Fly through a virtual landscape  using this stunning fractal generator
  • Animation Tool Create animations, then compress them
  • Centipede Arcade fun is yours in this  mushroom-blasting classic
  • STOS Compiler Fix No more incompatibilities

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Archer MaClean's Pool Virgin Games  
B.A.T 2 UBI Soft  
Bignose the Caveman Code Masters  
Coyote Dave's Poker PD / Shareware  
Dynablaster UBI Soft  
Fred The Frisky Flea PD / Shareware  
Gobliins 2 The Prince Buffoon Coktel Vision  
Hysula PD / Shareware  
Insecticide PD / Shareware  
Lethal Weapon Ocean  
Maze War PD / Shareware  
Megapede PD / Shareware  
Noddy's Playtime Jumping Bean Company  
Premier Manager Gremlin Graphics  
Sabre Team Krisalis  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Grotesque Demo Public Domain 90%
Star LC-20 Star Micronics 88%  
Ricoh LP1200 Silica 90%
KX-P4410 Panasonic 85%  
KX-P2624 Panasonic 79%  
Seikosha SL-130AI Silica 73%  
Seikosha SL-90 Silica 73%  
Seikosha SP-2400 Silica 73%  
Star LC24-100 Star Micronics 72%  
Star SJ-48 Bubblejet Star Micronics 90%
Noddy's Playtime Jumping Bean 90%
Image Cat 2.1A Ladbroke 78%  
Timeworks Publisher Electric Distribution 88%  
KX-P2123 Panasonic 77%  
Citizen Projet Silica 81%  
Calamus SL Halco 89%  
Citizen Swift 240 Silica 82%  
Citizen Swift 9 Silica 86%  
Citizen 120D+ Silica 67%  
KX-P1624 Panasonic 77%  
Fujitsu B100 Fujitsu 75%  
Fujitsu B200 Fujitsu 82%  
Fujitsu DL1150 Fujitsu 77%  
Fujitsu VM800 Fujitsu 85%  
HP Deskjet 500C Hewlett Packard 85%  
HP Laserjet 4 Hewlett Packard 90%
KX-P1123 Panasonic 88%  
KX-P1170 Panasonic 88%  
Fujitsu DL1250 Fujitsu 77%  
Lapcat Arnor 70%  


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