ST Format 44 - March 1993

Illuminate It!

We show you how to make light of art on your ST - it's as easy as painting by numbers

Scan that! We round up the best hand scanners
Are you green? And do you need to be in the world of ST games?
Accessorize! Inside! Over 35 essential Desk Accessories


Cover Disk

  • Grav 2 A severe blasting all round
  • Three desk accessories  
  • Dslide The smoothest slideshow
  • M-Disk RAMdisk, disk copier, and cache accessory
  • Colour Dump Print in colour
  • Insecticide Little bugs meet their maker
  • Picture Concept Give your screens a whole new twist with this great graphics utility
  • Picture Snatcher Grab program screens

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Atlantis PD / Shareware  
Bubble Dizzy Code Masters  
Campaign Empire  
Colotris 2 PD / Shareware  
Crazy Cars 2 Titus  
Crocodile's Pastime PD / Shareware  
Curse of Azriel PD / Shareware  
Dr. Who - Dalek Attack Alternative  
Dreams PD / Shareware  
Grand Prix Manager PD / Shareware  
Motorway Death PD / Shareware  
Raving Mad US Gold  
Square Off PD / Shareware  
Street Fighter 2 US Gold  
Tanx PD / Shareware  
Thomas the Tank Engine Alternative  
Transarctica Daze  
WWF European Rampage Ocean  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Redacteur Jr ST Club 88%  
Zydec Handy Scanner Evesham Micros 79%  
Playdays Alternative 73%  
Kuma Klip Art Kuma 70%  
Type Write Clip Art ST Club 75%  
KCS Omega Dr T's 58%  
Monulator Goodmans 78%  
ADI French 11/12 & 12/13 Europress Software 92%
Devpac 3 Hisoft 91%
Power Scanner Power Computing 90%
Naksha Hand Scanner Naksha 91%
Golden Image Hand Scanner Ladbroke 90%
Datel Handy Scanner Datel 58%  
Daatascan Professional Pandaal 83%  
Supra V32bis Fax Modem 1st Computer Centre 85%  
Mouse Yoke RC Simulations 53%  
Characteristicks Cheetah 43%  
Bollistick Cheetah 90%
Let's Spell First 500 Words Squirrel Soft 91%


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