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Grotesque Demo

One of those megademos you just sit back and enjoy

Yes, Yes. don't think you're being clever by saying
sarcastically that all this looks like is a cow with a colored
shape on it. Because it is a cow with a coloured shape
on it. Just like you see them in the fields, eh? The
Grotesque Demo is a barrage of flashing, moving
images accompanied by a thrashy, housey, dancey

No tedious scrolling text or terrible chip music here. The Grotesque Demo has a neat, if rather manic sampled sound track.

The visuals are flashing images, mostly one bit-plane and 3D drums and shapes. The two tie in together making a terrific groovy little raver of a disk. OK, so you're not going to run it zillions of times like a top game, but it's great fun the first couple of occasions and is a good answer to those people who come round, take one look at your ST and ask what it can do.



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