ST Format 23 - June 1991

Build a better world!

Discover how the professionals construct a 3D world, then build your own with our exclusive Cover Disk demo: see page 24

Special 3D issue!

He struck Format Gold with Cybercon 3. Now Adrian Stevens picks the best 3D games of all time: Page 73
How can you meet thousands of other ST owners without leaving your seat? Page 102
On this month's cover disk: A useable demo of Domark's amazing 3D Construction Kit - create your own stunning 3D environment! See page 38
12 unbeatable pages of top technical and games tips
we rate 25 PD programs. Program in assembly with those Bullfrogs. We put more than 20 hot new games through their paces


Cover Disk

  • Assembly Language Tutorial:- †from Bullfrog
  • HD Scan for hard drives
  • Polychrome Palette changer †
  • DC Disk #Info Displays disk contents graphically †
  • Acc Folder Organises accessories †
  • American Football game like title
  • 68K To GFA Converts assembly language into GFA Basic code
  • Utils Comms, Code finder, DC Max Track, Desk Chooser, ST-Type
  • Rezrender The best 3D object viewer for the ST? Lifelike shading and complex animation at a stroke
  • 3-D Construction Kit Start building your own world with this †versatile demo of Domark's new 3-D game world generator
  • Chordex Music tutor
  • BBS database to auto-dial from Vanterm

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Back to the Future Part 3 Image Works  
Ball Blazer PD / Shareware  
Chuck Rock Core Design  
Demoniak Palace  
Die, Alien Blob PD / Shareware  
Dizzy Lizzy 2 - A Winters Tale Budgie UK  
International Ice Hockey Impulze  
Masterblazer Rainbow Arts  
Moonshine Racers Millennium  
Nam 1965-1975 Domark  
Predator 2 Mirrorsoft  
Quadrel Loriciels  
Test Drive 2: Car Expansion Disk Accolade  
Test Drive 2: Muscle Car Expansion Disk Accolade  
Test Drive 2: Scenery Expansion Disk Accolade  
The Killing Game Show Psygnosis  
The Payoff (Cadaver Data Disk) Image Works  
The Secret of Monkey Island US Gold  
Trax Quiz PD / Shareware  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Daatascan A4 Pro Pandaal 96%
Informer 2 Soft-Aware 79%  
Fraction Goblins.Picture Fractions. Reasoning with Coombe Valley 88%  
Reading Pack 1 & 2 HS Software 89%  
Roddy & Mastics UBI Soft 68%  
C-Lab Notator Alpha Sound Tech 85%  


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