Supercars 2


Remender that abusive driving arcade game where you were rated a granny if you didn't come up to scratch?

Supercars 2 shows that this genre is still going strong. it's a straightforward racing game played on a variety of small circuits and has you winning money in races in order to spice up your car with all manner of helpful techie gadgetry.

There are three levels in all - Easy, Medium and Hard and each level has seven circuits Of increasing difficulty. You don't get just plain driving surfaces either - snow, rocks and sandy terrain can really hamper your abilities as a pro driver. What's more, there are plenty of other drivers who'll stop at nothing to grind you into the ground liter- ally. You start out with a limited arsenal: simply a couple of missiles, which you activate by pushing your joystick either forward or backwards.

Supercars 2 is a straightforward overhead racing game
with a few novel extras. Earn cash for your skill and
wipe out your driving enemies with a grim arsenal.
The better you get, the harder the courses become,
complete with bridges, crossovers and other perils -
including a sprinkling of crazy drivers

lf you manage to qualify for a race, then you can gamble your winnings away in the communication part of the game - a character appears in the display and asks you a question. Select the correct answer out of the three provided and you can make a hefty bonus on your earnings. Give a wrong answer ant you lose your cash. lf you've got anything left, you can to some on-the-spot repairs, buy yourself some weaponry for your car or invest in some armour to lessen the effect of collisions.

This trendy butch feminist is one of several gruesome
characters who throw questions at you between races.
Get it right and you can double your earnings. Get it
wrong and she goes off in a huff with your money -
but you can then blow up a few cats to irritate her...

You can get homing missiles that gently remove the opposition, or super missiles which spin about your car and destroy anything in their path - even mines! Unfortunately the other drivers all have access to the same gizmos.
Racing just isn't what it used to be! There is also a simultaneous two-player mode which uses a split screen display - you can battle with a mate and laugh manically as you drive him to the edge - and over it.

Supercars 2 is far more enjoyable with two players. The split screen display works very well most of the time, although in a hard race it can get confusing
Player 1 red car
Player 1 green car

of your car
Position relative
to other cars
Number of laps
to go

The circuits in Supercars 2 are very attractively designed and the scrolling is smooth enough. Even so, the car sprites, while well animated in themselves, are decidedly bland. Even in two-player mode there are no distinguishing features to highlight other drivers - just the same drab grey car sprites. The other racers could have done with a hell of a lot more personality. Sound is poor - no samples, just burbling rev noises and an irritating intro tune.

The two-player mode is this game's saving grace. It makes up for the general lack of individuality among the other drivers. There is far too much disk accessing between races as well, which slows the whole pace of the game down. The communication screens seem totally out of place and rely more on luck than skill - a bit of an unfair way to treat a driving fan who's just there for the thrills of the race.

Supercars 2 is still attractive, though, because it introduces a fun combative element into the game without ruining the basic idea of racing. It doesn't claim to be any- thing stunningly original, but at least it doesn't call you a granny when you come in last.


It doesn't take too long to get the hang of the controls. Just push the joystick left or right to rotate the car and press the Fire button to accelerate. However, you fan only have two offensive weapons per race, so choose carefully.

On the Easy level at Bagley Marsh and there are five laps to do! You've just launched two missiles at a driver who's going to regret coming so close

You made it! Now it's on to the inventory screen where you can make repairs and select armaments for your car. Protective armour is also available

Now you're at Bwichyddar with six laps to negotiate. You're using the super missile which destroys anything within the radius of its rapid swing


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