ST Format 53 - December 1993


Get a better view of Atari's wonder-machine

Look! Two great disks

£130 worth of software

Kingmaker - Exclusive review!


Cover Disk

  • Raystart Ultra-fast raytracing. Working 24-bit raytracing demo from Lexicor (1MByte only)
  • Skulls Manic Minesweeper clone. Scrolling version of †the PC classic Minesweeper
  • POV Shell UK GEM shell program for the POV raytracer
  • System Information Delve into your ST internals with the brilliant Sysinfo
  • Arabesque Professional High resolution bitmap and †vector graphic art package. Worth £130. 1MByte only Professional quality vector and bitmap design, All options fully functional - nothing disabled, Converts bitmap to vector graphics, Imports and saves Calamus CVG and GEM vecto

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Blue Angels 69 Magic Bytes £9.99 55%  
Gunship Microprose £12.99 81%  
Kingmaker US Gold £35.99 71%  
Leisure Suit Larry Sierra On-line £12.99 57%  
Magic Tomb PD / Shareware  
Vertical Mayhem PD / Shareware  
Walz Computer West £19.63 29%  
World Class Rugby: Five Nations Edition Audiogenic £14.99 90%


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