ST Format 54 - January 1994


Don't miss our huge preview of 1994's biggest game

The first Falcon colour hand scanner

Discover this season's best buys

• JAGUAR - we were at the official launch!
• VIDI 12 ST - get superb video results
• DIY - create your own high density drive


Cover Disk

  • Hyperpaint 2 Powerful painting at your fingertips. Atari's multi res paint package with GDOS. Worth 29.99
  • Spherical Weird and wonderful alien-blasting antics. Enigmatic platform game
  • Glossary Everything you're ever going to need to know about your ST
  • Utilities five more programs!
  • KCS Omega The complete desktop MIDI system. Worth 275. (1MByte only) Up to 64 MIDI channels, Multitasks up to eight programs , Real-time graphic editing 384 pulses per quarter note recording resolution, Loads and saves standard MIDI files

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Avon and Monsters of Murdac Topologika  
Brain Damage PD / Shareware  
Chunx PD / Shareware  
Countdown to Doom Topologika  
Giant Killer Topologika  
Magic Boy Empire  
Philosopher's Quest Topologika  
Return to Doom Topologika  
Spot It PD / Shareware  
Spy Snatcher Topologika  
Super Psycho Kart PD / Shareware  
Trackball PD / Shareware  
Walls of Illusion PD / Shareware  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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