ST Format 52 - November 1993

Blow Your Mind!

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Special! Two disk issue


Cover Disk

  • Buttonz Basic Run GFA Basic programs from this shell
  • Squidgy 2 Amazingly cute platform game
  • Monkey Create convenient macros
  • Movie Master Create stunning animations on your ST
  • Magic Boy Demo of Empire's brilliant new platform game
  • Soma A cracking brain teaser
  • 525 Convert sound samples from other platforms
  • Wordflair Powerful document processor with Word processor, Database, Calculator, Calendar Graphing utility, also import text, images and GEM vector graphics. Note: 1 MB only

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Campaign Missions Disk Empire  
Dogfight Microprose  
Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers Alternative  
Kaboom PD / Shareware  
Nethack PD / Shareware  
Shockwave PD / Shareware  
Sim Pig PD / Shareware  
Thomas the Tank Engine 2 Alternative  
Utopos PD / Shareware  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Digit Soundtracker Galactic 91%
Beginners Guide to STOS MT Software 76%  
Mr Smart's Big Time MT Software 74%  
Jigsaw Dolphin Soft 78%  
Dragon Graph 16/32 Systems 68%  
Photo Show It's All Relative 81%  
Sample Star Galactic 79%  
HJ400 Inkjet Brother 89%  


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