ST Format 51 - October 1993

Play games all day every day

The secret lives of pro games players!

Miracles with colour. Great low cost solutions to colour printing

WIN! A day at a top software house


Cover Disk

  • Zool Superfast ant action
  • Fracplay Create fractals in up to 256 colours
  • Prensorium 50 levels of manic mayhem
  • The Missing Link Indispensable STOS extras
  • 2.5MByte STE Give your STE 2.5MBytes of RAM
  • Speaking Clock Tell time with your ST
  • ZFolder Create folders from within programs

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Beastlord Grandslam Entertainment  
Blockbusters PD / Shareware  
D-Rez PD / Shareware  
Grandad 2: In Search of Sandwiches PD / Shareware  
Hardball Accolade  
Mad Mole PD / Shareware  
One Step Beyond Ocean  
Power Cut PD / Shareware  
Scrabble US Gold  
Wheel of Fortune 2 PD / Shareware  
Zool Gremlin Graphics  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Star LC-100 Star Micronics 90%
Calligrapher Gold Working Title 88%  
View 2 ST club 83%  
NVDI 2.5 System Solutions 85%  
Notator Logic Sound Technology 91%
Star ZA-2OO Star Micronics 80%  
Star XB24-200 Star Micronics 85%  
Star LC-200 Star Micronics 72%  
KX-P2180 Panasonic 83%  
KX-P2124 Panasonic 83%  
HP Deskjet 550C Hewlett Packard 85%  
HP Deskjet 510 Hewlett Packard 91%
Citizen Swift 90 Silica 75%  
Citizen Swift 240C Silica 69%  
Seikosha SL-95 Colour Silica 70%  
Star LC24-200 Star Micronics 78%  


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