ST Format 46 - May 1993

Smashing News!

STFM down to 159!
150,000 new owners
Loads more software
What it means for you...

Civil world? was Civilisation worth the effort?
Make every second count! Go into partnership with your ST and become more productive!

Driven to extremes. Which floppy drive is right for you?


Cover Disk

  • The Biz Get your finances in order with this demo stunning of the stunning accounts package from Orpheus
  • Kubes Classic chaotic puzzler
  • Rayoid Bring on those asteroids
  • Balls Ball-'n'-mirror-'em-up
  • Fonts Two quality vector fonts
  • Joystick test Check your wagglers!
  • Midi song file Sensational demo

News Items

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Games Reviewed

3D Construction Kit 2 Domark  
AV8b Harrier Assault Domark  
Civilization Microprose  
Dead or Alive PD / Shareware  
Glass Buttock of Tharg PD / Shareware  
Megaline PD / Shareware  
Mrs Munchie PD / Shareware  
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Gremlin Graphics  
Nirvana PD / Shareware  
No Second Prize Thalion  
Robin Hood - Legend Quest Code Masters  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Stalker 3 Compo 89%  
Superbase Professional Hisoft 86%  
Calamus S Halco 91%
Pagestream 2 Silica 94%
Printing Press PD 82%  
3D Construction Kit 2 Domark 90%
Alchimie Junior PD 92%
Cubase Harman Audio 91%
MIDI Files Words and Music 83%  
Pro 12 STF Disk 39 80%  
Sozobon C PD 80%  
DB Writer PD 91%
Protext 4.3 Arnor 80%  
Redacteur 3 ST Club 90%
Super Card 2 STF Disk 35 89%  
Viewtek 12" Greyscale Silica 75%  
GFA Basic 3 GFA 91%
VGA Mono Gasteiner 72%  
Atin Electronics 1.44MByte Gasteiner 80%  
Cumana CSA 354 1st Computer Centre 90%
Evesham Micros Evesham Micros 81%  
Power 720B Power Computing 78%  
Power 720P Power Computing 74%  
Zydec 1st Computer centre 82%  
Convector Pro 1.00j Compo 75%  
Freewheel Spectravideo 76%  
Monotari PD 78%  
Canon BJ-200 Bubblejet Canon UK 92%
Fastbase 2 PD 83%  
Finance Manager Opus 2.2 PD 85%  
Financier STF Disk 36 83%  
Home Accounts 2 Digital International 90%
K-Spread 2 Kuma 81%  
LDW Power Silica 84%  


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