ST Format 45 - April 1993

Create your own Monsters

Programming totally demystified!
we take you through all the stages you need to make your own frighteningly good programms

19 pages of Definitive reviews!

Fancy a threesome? Discover the best multi-player games
Upgrade for better graphics - Make your graphical creations outstanding with these add-ons


Cover Disk

  • Errorbase Pin down error codes
  • Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix Experience the  exhilarating rush of Formula One racing, in this fully playable demo from Gremlin
  • Desk Switch Lovely Desktop utility
  • 04/07/2011 Get addicted to Patience
  • Protext Dictionary Spell correctly
  • Source Code Secret codes for demos
  • No Second Prize Lean into those curves! A playable demo of Thalion's latest racing game (1Mbyte memory only)
  • Cardfile Brilliant address database

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Aliens PD / Shareware  
Chaos PD / Shareware  
Doodlebug Core Design  
Dragon's Lair 3: The Curse of Mordread Empire  
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon Readysoft  
Hot Rubber Palace  
International Cricket 2 PD / Shareware  
International Truck Racing Zeppelin Games  
Offshore Warrior Titus  
Oxyd PD / Shareware  
Rockfall PD / Shareware  
Space Crusade - The Voyage Beyond Gremlin Graphics  
Swap Titus  
World Fighting Championship PD / Shareware  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Diamond Edge Hisoft 90%
X-Boot 3 Hisoft 91%
Fonty 1.0 ST Club 82%  
Circuit Designer V1.1 Darren P Goodwin 75%  
Imagecopy Colour ST Club 85%  
Degasart V2.O Markotek 75%  
Reflex Graphics Titan Designs 90%
Crazy Dots System Solutions 93%
Arabesque Pro 2.15 Compo 80%  
That's Write 2 Compo 90%


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