ST Format 40 - November 1992

It's WAR!

Read our exclusive guide on how to make war, not love!

Baize Watch. we talk to the programmer of Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker about pool, life and lucrative sponsorship deals


Cover Disk

  • Trip-A-Tron Seriously psychedelic and massively powerful light synthesiser with a huge Wow! factor
  • Cybernetix Furious and frantic arcade blaster from the top drawer
  • Enigma Totally encrypt you top secret messages
  • Sebra Run programs in high res with this brilliant mono emulator
  • AutoZeST Add slick interfaces to GFA Basic programs
  • Talespin Combine text, graphics and sounds to create interactive adventures. Friendly mouse driven environment, The Grail - complete demo game, Import pictures or use Talespin's built-in art package Import your own sampled sounds, Manipulate graphics, Over 100 com

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Black Dawn PD / Shareware  
Blox PD / Shareware  
Captain Dynamo Code Masters  
Castles Electronic Arts  
Elvira 2 The Jaws of Cerberus Accolade  
Espana The Games 92 Ocean  
Genocide PD / Shareware  
G-Loc R360 US Gold  
Grav 2 PD / Shareware  
Kwik Snax Code Masters  
Ork Psygnosis  
Plan 9 from Outer Space Gremlin Graphics  
Smash Hit PD / Shareware  
The Carl Lewis Challenge Psygnosis  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Ethnic CD Music Suite 75%  
Funky Element Time & Space 78%  
Hitsound CD AMG 85%  
Sample cassettes Big Time Productions 70%  
Sample cassettes Soundwaves 68%  
Multiprint ST Club 90%
X-static CD Time & Space 92%
Datafile 3 CD Time & Space 94%
1st Word User's Guide ST Club 80%  
Dangers CD Dangerous 88%  
Protector +2 Alarm JF Cape & Son 63%  
Best Smart One 2400 HCS 68%  
Feeling Partner Music Pro 85%  
Genedit Atlantic Audio 82%  
Silhouette Ladbroke 78%  
Touch ľUp Gasteiner 85%  
Ambient Sample CD Time & Space 80%  


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