ST Format 37 - August 1992


Create the games you've always dreamt of!

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£50 worth of software on this month's disk!
Sensible Music? NOT!
Shareware software - The fast track to fame and fortune?


Cover Disk

  • Utils Turbo RAM disk and print spooler, Autosort, Stars STOS extension
  • Int. Sports Challenge Dive in at the deep end with this demo of the sports challenge of the year
  • 3D Picture Exclusive! Complete! Create stunners with †this powerful 3D modelling package
  • Droid Complete platform blast
  • Concerto Fully useable demo of the new MIDI sequencer
  • PhotoChrome Convert QRT files into 4,096 colours on any ST and 19,200 on an STE
  • STOS Exclusive. Complete! Create your own games with†this powerful BASIC language. 320 comprehensive †commands to control sprites, music, scrolling, windows - you name it! (not TOS 2 compatible)
  • Animaster Brilliant complete sprite designer and †animator. Add sprites into your GFA Basic program

News Items

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Games Reviewed

3D Soccer PD / Shareware  
Addams Family Ocean  
Epic Ocean  
Hammer to Fall PD / Shareware  
Horse Racing Simulator PD / Shareware  
Ishar - Legend of the Fortress Daze  
Parasol Stars Ocean  
Space Crusade Gremlin Graphics  
Space Thrust PD / Shareware  
Warriors of Releyne Impressions  
Winter Super Sports '92 Flair Software  
Wizkid Ocean  


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