ST Format 38 - September 1992

Summer School

Get down to the bare essentials with your ST

£50 worth of software on this month's disk!

Fire and Ice - The brilliant cool summer game reviewed and rated
Naked: The Mega STE - Read our nuts and bolts review


Cover Disk

  • Utils Disk-kit, Convert 4, GFA listing
  • Typing Tutor Learn to touch type
  • System Beep Replace that beep with a sample
  • Misty Sexy STOS commands
  • Teserea Complete wacky falling block'-em-up
  • Sensible Soccer Absolutely brilliant football game - exclusive demo from Renegade
  • Mapper 2 Easy! Create gorgeous sprites and maps with  this powerful designer
  • Spec Code Add Spectrum 512 pictures into your STOS code with this exclusive program
  • Spectrum 512 Complete graphics program.The ultimate paint program. Use 512 colours at once for truly Technicolor pictures. Spectrum 512 includes all these functions: User-defined custom palette, Automatic graduated tints, 38 brush types, Magnify window, Anti-aliasing,

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Air Bucks Impressions  
Anarchy Academy PD / Shareware  
Blat PD / Shareware  
Cool Croc Twins Empire  
Cyber Snake PD / Shareware  
Discovery - In The Steps of Columbus Impressions  
Dungeon Lord PD / Shareware  
Fire and Ice Renegade  
Hook Ocean  
International Sports Challenge Empire  
Popeye 2 Alternative  
Space Shuttle Virgin Games  
Ultima 6 Origin Systems  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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