ST Format 35 - June 1992

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Come with us and we'll show you how cheap and easy it is to upgrade (and why you should!)

Over £100 worth of software on this month's Disk

Are you feeling yourself today? Discover who you really are with our guide to the bizarre world of ST astrology

360 other reasons to buy this issue
170 items in our buyer's guide. 111 totally unbeatable tips - 40 Public Domain programs rated. 17 games under the microscope. 12 Cover Disk programs. 10 new packages reviewed


Cover Disk

  • Eyes Your ST stares back at you
  • Trip-A-Tron Map and wave definer †
  • GFA Basic v3.5 fractal program †
  • Utils Four utilities to enhance GFA Draft Plus †
  • Codes Every Populous 2 level code
  • Astrological program Calculate, interpret your birth chart †with this exclusive astrological wonder
  • Pacific Islands Fully playable mission from Empire's state-of-the-art tank blast
  • Super Card 2 Exclusive! Brilliant fully-functioning database you can customise. Unique and easy to use card system
  • GFA Special Three complete packages worth over £100
  • GFA Basic 3.5 Create your own programs. This is the fastest and best BASIC language ever
  • GFA Assembler Produce lightning fast programs in machine code
  • GFA Raytrace Create you own incredibly detailed 3D pics in 512 colours on any ST

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Alcatraz Infogrames  
Bomb Disposal PD / Shareware  
Bonanza Bros US Gold  
Clod Hopper PD / Shareware  
Dreadnoughts Turcan Research Systems  
Fruit Pursuit PD / Shareware  
Harlequin Gremlin Graphics  
Heimdall Core Design  
Klaxtris PD / Shareware  
Lobotomy Invaders PD / Shareware  
Lure of the Temptress Virgin Games  
Obitus Psygnosis  
Pacific Islands Empire  
Powermonger: World War One Edition Electronic Arts  
Super Tetris PD / Shareware  
The Godfather US Gold  
Top Banana Hex Media  
Twot Tot PD / Shareware  
Vengeance Of Excalibur Virgin Games  
Videokid Gremlin Graphics  
Violence PD / Shareware  
Wolfchild Core Design  
World Class Rugby Audiogenic  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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