ST Format 34 - May 1992

Make Your Mark!

The best-ever guide to creating your own pictures as good as this

We put Atari's brand new portable ST, the ST Book, through every test imaginable - and it still works!
150 items rated in our brand new Vuyer's Guide section
Don't miss GFA Draft Plus 3.0 on this months Disk

360 more good reasons to step inside!
150 best buys listed in our Buyer's Guide. 120 absolutely and totally unbeatable tips. 34 top ST games reviewed and rated. 30 PD programs rated - all cost under £4. 19 hardware and software items reviewed. 7 complete programs on our Cover Disk


Cover Disk

  • Canvas Complete art package - updated and improved version
  • Campaign Heavy metal thunder! Play General in a complete playable battle from Empire's new WWII tank clash
  • Volume Be creative! Build striking 3D shapes with Volume - a complete 3D rendering package
  • Intro Designer Exclusive! Complete! Create animated intros with sound!
  • Handy Mandy The best fractal generator ever?
  • STOS Extension Write programs to use your ST's MIDI ports
  • GFA Draft Plus 3 Complete computer aided design †program worth £99.99. Create your own plan drawings †with this complete FORMAT Gold professional CAD package.†Features include: Vector graphics accurate within 1mm at any magnification, Built-in 100 symbol library, Design a

News Items

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Games Reviewed

1st Division Manager Code Masters  
ATAX PD / Shareware  
Brides of Dracula Gonzo Games  
Crime City Interactive Fiction  
Elvira the Arcade Game Flair Software  
Fantasy World Dizzy Code Masters  
Gem X Kaiko  
IBS Pegasus PD / Shareware  
International Cricket PD / Shareware  
Jiggers PD / Shareware  
Knights of the Sky Microprose  
Race Drivin' Domark  
Rick Dangerous Kixx £7.99 90%
Robocop 3 Ocean  
Ruthless PD / Shareware  
Snowball Fight PD / Shareware  
Space Gun Ocean  
Titus the Fox - To Marrakech And Back Titus  
Unreal UBI Soft  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

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