Rick Dangerous


Ah, Rick Dangerous. A classic game among classic games, and a bleedin' hard one to boot.

Incredibly dangerous, I must agree. Rick gets out his whip, decides he doesn't like it, swaps it for a gun and a stack of dynamite, and sets off in search of the Lost Chord, or something like that.

Look, just because I'm shouting doesn;t mean I'm getting frustrated with Rick flippin' Dangerous! This bit's actually very easy once you've done it, say, 60 or 70 times.

Rick Dick is a derring-do explorer a la Indy - all right, he's actually a complete clone of Indy, and bounds about doing heroic things, like being killed.

Rick Dangerous is a platform game set over four largish levels made up of flick screens. Each level has a theme - Level Two's Egyptian, Level Four's set in an arms lab of the dastardly nasty who you're out to destroy. You're armed with a gun and dynamite, the former for killing everything and anything that gets in your way - Indians, Egyptians, Germans, xenophobes and so on - and the latter for blasting sections of rock that make your progress otherwise impossible. Both forms of armament are finite ant have to be topped up by collecting caches of them en route.

This is the easier re-released version of the game in which you can access each of the four levels via a menu at the start - but you can't complete the game this way. This is fortunate, because without it you'd never get to see the later levels. The game's tough - very, very tough, but immensely enjoyable, with cutesy cartoon graphics, spot-on samples and all the gameplay you can eat. Superb stuff.

Kixx 7.99


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