ST Format 26 - September 1991

Defend your ST from deadly virus danger

How to tell if you're infected - and what to do when you are
How to track them down - and kill them stone dead
How to protect yourself - and keep your ST pure
Captured! We analyse more than 30 viruses

How this man is storming the film world with an ST
On the disk: don't dare miss... the follow up to Gods!
123 Excellent reasons to look inside: We cheat 56 hot games... Review & rate 18 new ones... Check out 15 PD titles... Reveal 14 top techie tips... And name Delphine's top 20
Phew - MidWinter 2: here at last! Is it worth its wait in FORMAT Gold?


Cover Disk

  • Magic Pockets Trouser-bulges to impress anyone! Renegade's new platform-demo really puts the wind in your shorts
  • Ultimate Virus Killer Sspecial version of Douglas Communication's utility kills viruses and prevents them in the first place
  • Xcontrol Atari's switch TT control panel - more  advanced than earlier ST versions
  • Loud Formatter Disks? Don't talk to me about disks. Here I is, brain the size of a planet - the talking format program
  • All the bits Atari left out of TOS 1.4  
  • CalShow Automatic reminder program  
  • Freaky fractal snowflake generator  
  • Bullfrog Assembly part 5:-  Bullfrog assembly programming guide

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Armour-Geddon Psygnosis  
Atomino Psygnosis  
Billiards Simulator ERE  
Creepy Atlantis  
F-15 Strike Eagle Microprose  
Frenetic Core Design  
From Little Acorns PD / Shareware  
Hunter Activision  
Life and Death Mindscape  
Master Breakout PD / Shareware  
Maupiti Island UBI Soft  
Midwinter 2: Flames of Freedom Rainbird  
PacMan ST PD / Shareware  
R-Type 2 Activision  
Sharkey's Moll Zeppelin Games  
Snott Grafic Visions  
Switchblade 2 Gremlin Graphics  
The Ball Game Electronic Zoo  
The Famous Five - Five On A Treasure Island Enigma Variations  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Mix and Match Scetlander 37%  
Donald's Alphabet Chase. Mickey's Runaway Zoo. Goo Nathan S'ware 58%  
Calligrapher Pro Working Title 85%  
Maths Blaster + Ablac 91%


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