ST Format 22 - May 1991

Tart it up!

The secrets of Desktop Publishing laid bare: how to lay out with little outlay - page 22

Sade's songwriter says "Write your own chart hit!" turn to page 106
Ten steps to fix a broken disk - we help you recover those valuable lost files: page 34
Blink and you'll miss it! Hit game-makers Bullfrog explain how you can write lightening fast programs - page 52
We can't contain them... we're reaching critical mass... step into the game zone, quick! Over 20 explosive new games reviewed and rated: page 57
14 unmissable pages of technical and games tips. Over 20 Public Domain programs tested and rated. New stereo sound cartridges reviewed. Top 10 role-playing games exposed


Cover Disk

  • Stormball Don't be noble, be nasty! Wreak havoc in this manic pinball-style sports sim
  • GFA Basic tutorial files
  • Music files from composer Neil Palmer
  • Utils checker, undelete utility and disk repair kit
  • Devpac 1 All you need to write your own lightning-fast programs - a complete assembler, memory monitor and tutorial files from game-makers Bullfrog
  • Utils Everything you need to keep your disks in perfect working order -Disk editor, disk

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Axel's Magic Hammer Kixx 7.99 68%  
Backgammon Royale Oxford Softworks 24.95 70%  
Battlebound Sierra On-line 24.95 72%  
Bert the Squirt PD / Shareware  
Betrayal Rainbird 29.99 76%  
Brat Image Works 24.99 86%  
Continental Circus Mastertronic 7.99 60%  
Crystals of Arborea Palace 24.99 78%  
Cybercon III US Gold 24.99 91%
Driller Kixx 7.99 91%
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Horrorsoft 29.99 80%  
Go Player Oxford Softworks 24.95 75%  
Gods Renegade 24.99 92%
Hacman 2 PD / Shareware  
Killing Cloud Image Works 24.99 93%
Space Blob PD / Shareware  
Swiv Sales Curve 24.99 78%  
The Duel: Test Drive 2 Accolade 29.99 81%  
Warlock the Avenger Millennium 19.99 43%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Signum 2 Signum 85%  
Trackman 2 Hollis 97%
Write On Compo 90%
Wordflair Hisoft 87%  
ST Word Writer GST 91%
K-Word Kuma 85%  
Monster Stereo MPH 87%  
Puzzle Books 1 & 2 Soft Stuff 61%  
Stereo Playback Microdeal 82%  
Protext 5 Arnor 95%


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