ST Format 21 - April 1991

Get Moving!

Transform your animation ideas into moving reality with our expert 16-page special

Powermonger creator Peter Molyneux reveals all his animation programming secrets - Page 113

Bitmap brother Eric Matthews picks his Top Ten best animated games - Page 79

Over 15 pages of technical and games tips
30 new games under the microscope. Smooth Operator composer reveals all. Handy new Desktop scrutinised


Cover Disk

  • Moonshine Racers Chug your way across USA with style, speed and plenty of booze in Millennium's redneck race
  • Gods Get the goodies to the crypt, grab the treasure and shoot to kill in Bitmap's latest puzzler
  • Sprites All you need to get animated - an exclusive animation package, sprites from Prince of Persia
  • GFA Animation utilities and more

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Codename Iceman Sierra On-line  
Curse of the Azure Bonds US Gold  
Hard Drivin' 2: Drive Harder Domark  
Mighty Bombjack Elite  
Narc Ocean  
Pop Eyed PD / Shareware  
Quest for Galaxia PD / Shareware  
Revelation Krisalis  
Super Monaco GP US Gold 71%  
Team Suzuki Gremlin Graphics  
Viz Virgin Games  
Wrath of the Demon Readysoft  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Retouche Copycare 81%  
Art Tutor Castlesofl 73%  
DC Desktop Softville 71%  
DC Utilities Softville 85%  
Flexidump Plus Care / Zitasoft 84%  


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