The Web and the ST

The World Wide Web is a new area of the Internet that enables you to move from area to area by using hypertext links in documents.

Specific words are high-lighted in a page of Web text, and when you click on them using the mouse you are transferred to the linked page - what could be easier than that? The Web can even display graphics.

It all sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, it is too good because there's no usable World Wide Web software for the ST at present. There is a Lynx text-only browser - as used by UNIX terminals - but this doesn't display graphics and it only works when MiNT net is running. It doesn't' work very well because Lynx was originally designed to work with VT100 terminals, and the VT52 terminal emulation on the ST just can't cope with it.

A version of Mosaic, an Apple Mac and Windows Web browser, is under development already and should be ready in the next few months. So, you'll just have to be satisfied with the enormous areas of The Internet that are currently usable with The current ST software. Sigh.

Remember that the World Wide Web is only a year old, so being a being able to use the Web is very new even on the computers that have browser software available.

When the Mosaic web browser for the ST is available, you'll be able to acces FutreNet, a series of Web pages run by Future Publishing enabling you to get news and information direct from ST Format.

If you really get into the Web, you can explore areas of FutureNet dealing exclusively with the infobahn, take a look at .net magazine's Web pages - the complete text of .net issue zero is available on-line.


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