ST Format 31 - February 1992

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We cheat over 65 of your favourite games - page 85
He's back! Jeff Minter's Mutant Camela storm onto this month's Cover Disk

Plus: Get your jhands on FORMAT Gold winning programms for under £5! Page 45


Cover Disk

  • GFA Basic Tutor learn how to create simple menus
  • Stereo Master Useable preview of Microdeal's new budget stereo sampler
  • Revenge Of Mutant Camels  Exclusive and complete. Beg for mercy in Jeff Minter's frenzied camel  shoot-'em-up
  • Essential Utilities Text editor, Text viewer, Picture viewer, File identifier, Accessory selector, Mouse accelerator Free memory program,   RAMDisk #, Caps indicator, Fully functional calculator

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Booly Loriciels  
Clacker PD / Shareware  
Compendium PD / Shareware  
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle Empire  
Exterminate PD / Shareware  
Fighter Command Impressions  
Gauntlet 3 The Final Quest US Gold  
Guardians Loriciels  
James Pond 2 - Robocod Millennium  
Realms Virgin Games  
Rugby The World Cup Domark  
Smash TV Ocean  
Suspicious Cargo Gremlin Graphics  
Talionis PD / Shareware  
The Simpsons Bart vs. the Space Mutants Ocean  
Thunder Burner Loriciels  
Titanic Blinky Zeppelin Games  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

First Word Plus GST Software 83%  
Lattice C Hisoft 90%
Personal Tax Planner Digita 74%  
Superbase Pro Precision 86%  
Easy Text Plus zzSoft 68%  
Fun School 4 Europress Software 91%
Devpac 2 Hisoft 87%  
GFA Basic 3 GFA 86%  
Home Accounts 2 Digita 90%
Prospero Pascal Prospero 82%  
STOS Mandarin 73%  
Graphicsheet Glentop 76%  
Ultimate Virus Killer Douglas 91%
LC-10 printer Star 88%  
K-Word 2 Kuma 76%  
Pretext 5.5 Arnor 95%
Word Writer ST GST Software 86%  
Knife ST Hisoft 86%  
Sting-Ray joystick Spectravideo 81%  
CSA 354 Drive Cumana 90%
Pandaal Daatadisk Pandaal 85%  
PC720E Drive Power 69%  
Power 2MByte upgrade Power 92%
Cheetah 125+ joystick Premier 76%  
DGBase Digita 71%  
Quickshot 3 Plus Turbo joystick Spectravideo 77%  
SLM 605 Atari 89%  
SIMM conversion Evesham 86%  
KX-P1123 Panasonic 90%
9600 Plus Supra 84%  
Fax modem Atari W'kshop 78%  
CM8833 Mk 2 (colour) Philips 90%
SC1224 (colour) Atari 84%  
SM124 (mono) Atari 90%
BJ-10e Canon 90%
2400 modem Supra 90%
Power Mouse Power 79%  


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