ST Format 30 - January 1992

Let it all out!

Discover how your ST can unleash your creative talents...

Also with this spectacular issue: 103.95 worth of software!
Full version of Sequencer One. Full version of Canvas. A "Get you started" supplement
Cheat your way through Utpoia, Mega Lo Mania, Cybercon & more
Plus: new sections for STOS and assembly tips and all your regular Desktop technical advice


Cover Disk

  • Midi Music file from Dave Clackett
  • Sequencer One #30b:- Uniqueversion of this music sequencing package - uses MIDI or the sound chip editor included
  • Canvas #30b:- Start creating beautiful pictures with one of the most versatile ST graphics packages ever
  • Divert Redirect drive input/output
  • Bigeye Psychedelic STOS demo complete with source code
  • Baby Jo Sneak preview! Romp round this playable platform demo
  • Populous 2 Tyrannise the universe in this playable demo of the best god-game ever
  • Entombed Full platform puzzle-'em-up
  • Rename Give files a personal touch

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Baby Jo Loriciels  
Beast Busters Activision  
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape  
Cisco Heat Image Works  
Crime Time Starbyte  
Dalecks PD / Shareware  
Fort Apache Impressions  
Fuzzball PD / Shareware  
Hard Nova Electronic Arts  
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Gremlin Graphics  
Onyx PD / Shareware  
Ozone PD / Shareware  
Populous 2 Electronic Arts  
Robozone Image Works  
Rolling Ronny the Errand-Boy Virgin Games  
Rugby Coach D & H Games  
Silent Service 2 Microprose  
Stetris PD / Shareware  
Strike Fleet Electronic Arts  
Super Space Invaders Domark  
The First Samurai Image Works  
Wild Wheels Ocean  
Wolfpack Mirrorsoft  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

ST-IC Romulus 61%  
Laserjet 3P Hewlett Packard 91%
Cyber Paint 2 Electric Dist 88%  
Cyber Studio Electric Dist 79%  
Count and Add Scetlander 82%  
Spectrum 512 Silica 74%  
Power Basic Hisoft 88%  
Degas Elite Electronic Arts 90%
MIDI studio Master Ladbroke 91%
Freestyle Zone Dist 76%  
Edittrack Gold Atlantic Audio 86%  
C-Lab Notator Sound Tech 92%
Robot Words Shoestring 82%  
Junior Typist School Software 78%  


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