ST Format 13 - August 1990

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Reviewed: FLOOD, F-29, Damocles, Wipe Out
PLUS - Proxima: DTP in your hands? / CD ST: Tramiel tells all


Cover Disk

  • GFA Draft Plus Realise your ST's CAD potential with our  exclusive demo of GFA's power-packed program
  • Gemplus Tired of your ST's Desktop? Now you can spruce it up with this brilliant editor
  • Mouse Ka Mania Customise your ST mouse beyond belief with this fantastic mouse pointer editor
  • C Series Files
  • Puzzle Word Square fans will go ape over this dangerously addictive game
  • FreeRAM Lost your memory? If Doc can't help, this immensely useful Desktop accessory can!
  • Battlemaster Exclusive and fully playable demo of the latest PSS masterpiece: role-players and arcaders will fight to claim it
  • HRAMdisk Of the warm-reset survivable kind
  • Command Line Interpreter Get more power from your ST with this feature-packed CLI. Your mouse need never work again

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Games Reviewed

Astro Marine Corps Dinamic £19.99 69%  
Atomix US Gold £19.95 79%  
Damocles - Mercenary 2 Novagen £24.95 94%
F29 Retaliator Ocean £24.99 76%  
Flood Electronic Arts £19.99 91%
Khalaan Rainbow Arts £24.99 59%  
Midnight Resistance Ocean £24.99 41%  
Prophecy 1 The Viking Child Electronic Zoo £19.99 67%  
Rorke's Drift Impressions £24.99 46%  
Skidz Gremlin Graphics £19.95 71%  
Thunderstrike Millennium £24.99 88%  
Treasure Trap Electronic Zoo £24.99 81%  
Wipe Out Gonzo Games £19.99 64%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Answer Back QuizKosmos 87%  
Kosmos Language Tutors Kosmos 80%  


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