ST Format 5 - December 1989

the VIDEO REVOLUTION starts here!

Grab those images and transform your ST


Cover Disk

  • CZ Sounds Transfer preset sound data between your Casio CZ101 keyboard and ST via MIDI
  • RAMLoad All the utilities you need can be copied automatically on boot to a RAM disk. Now that's what I call useful!
  • Flying Start The complete solution for all your comms connections
  • Boot Maker Create autobooting programs. Normally only TOS-based programs can be run from the AUTO  folder: now any GEM-based item can be made to run
  • Animations Two Cyber animations
  • Word Count Desktop accessory which adds up the number of words in a text file
  • QMouse Put life into your mouse! Get rid of the sluggish ST mouse pointer! Replace it with a Speedy Gonzales-type rodent!
  • Recover Ever had a disk go down on you? This handy program helps you recover files accidentally deleted or corrupted.
  • Quartet It's the sound sensation that's sweeping the nation! Sample the delights of Microdeal's stunning four-channel sound sequencing package. One day, games will sound like this...
  • The Untouchables Thrill to this superb playable demo of Ocean's forthcoming hoods-v.-G-men pump-action shotgun wars! Your orders: apprehend Capone - failing that, blast him to bits
  • X-Utilities Desktop accessory which offers copying, formatting and setup utilities
  • PC Format Format a disk (3.5 or 5.25 inch) to boring PC standard

News Items

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Games Reviewed

Day of the Pharaoh Rainbow Arts £24.99 63%  
Double Dragon 2 Virgin Games £19.95 75%  
Drakkhen Infogrames £24.95 79%  
First Contact Microprose £24.99 58%  
Future Wars Palace £24.95 87%  
Grand Fleet Kriegsmarine Main Battle Tank Simulations Canada  
Knight Force Titus £24.99 70%  
Lancaster CRL £19.95 81%  
Make a Break PD / Shareware  
Monkeys and Balloons PD / Shareware  
Moonwalker US Gold £24.95 84%  
Onslaught Hewson £24.95 90%
Pro Tennis Tour UBI Soft £19.95 70%  
Red Storm Rising Microprose £24.95 89%  
Shinobi Virgin Games £19.99 47%  
Star Command SSI £19.99 37%  
The Hound of Shadow Electronic Arts £24.99 90%
The Tower of Babel Microprose £24.99 94%
Tin Tin on the Moon Infogrames £24.95 73%  
Xenophobe Microstyle £24.99 55%  


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Software and Hardware Reviews

Tiger MCMXCIX 80%  
Universal Item Selector ISM 90%
Neodesk Electric Dist 87%  
Multidesk Atari W'kshop 80%  
GAS 85MBge hard drive Gasteiner 67%  
Quartet Microdeal 94%
LBP-4 printer Canon  
GLX600 Gestetner  
F-800 Kyocera  
Teletext Adaptor Microtext 81%  
Robokit Silica Shop 82%  
GST Gold Third Coast 90%
ICD FA.ST Silica 75%  
Laserprinter IBM  
Dash Microdeal 75%  


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