Stunt Car Racer


Driving around a racing course in a car is dangerous enough, but when the course is suspended some distance above the ground it gets much more risky.

The race has only just begun, and your opponent is already ahead, dammit

Stunt Car Racer puts you in that very situation and to make matters worse there's someone else on the track too.

The action takes place on eight different race courses - two in each division. A division contains two other drivers besides yourself, and you begin at the bottom of the fourth division. A race season has six races, with all permutations of drivers and tracks used. Points are awarded for winning a race and for the best lap time. After all races have been completed the driver with most points is promoted to the next division. Winning division one takes you into the super league.

Oversteer and you eat dust

The super league uses the same tracks, but the cars are capable of achieving double the speed. The super league has four divisions just like the normal league.

For your first few races you'll have enough problems staying on the track, never mind winning a race: working your way up through the divisions is no mean task. Fortunately you can save the game for Ron (you know Later Ron, I hope)

Controlling the stunt car isn't just a matter of pushing your foot to the floor: if you do you fly off the track and need to be hoisted back on by the crane. And if you don't mind using dirty tricks you can always ram your opponent off the track.

Jumping Jack wins - but it ain't over yet!

Stunt Car Racer is in solid 3D, seen from the cockpit of your car. Your opponent is viewed as a simple car shape, which for your first few games you'll probably see only as distant dust. Sound effects are little more than engine noises and crash sounds, and there's no music.

This has to be the most unusual car game by far, and it's certainly fun to play. Racing as many as seven other cars makes it even more enjoyable and extends its life considerably. Getting to the top of the Super League is tough: there's certainly enough here to keep you occupied here for many a long, dark winter evening.

Many thanks to The Joy of Sticks for providing the text for this review.


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